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Sky Racing World Merges the US and Argentinian Wagering Pools

Sky Racing World (SRW) announced a massive boost to its international racing portfolio by facilitating the international wagering pools comingling with Argentinian host pools on racing at one of the country’s biggest racetracks – Palermo Racetrack, located in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

The Commingling of Pools Became Available on January 3

For the first time, the comingling of pools from the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo was made available for Canadian, American, Caribbean and international markets on January 3, thanks to PGI, a company whose owner is Tabcorp.

The official SRW website will provide the simulcast for all Palermo meetings, but horse racing fans will also be able to access them on the official SRW app and ADW websites. A mix of races will be held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but the main events can be watched every Monday at around 3 pm EST.

This development comes after the massive efforts done by Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo’s board and management who worked with the government on legislation to authorize international commingling.

Argentinian and American Breeding Isn’t Something New

The connection between American and Argentinian breeding is quite rich and has lasted for many years now. One of the best examples that shows the connection that is spoken of is Pure Prize, which had $75 million of combined progeny earnings. Pure Prize is a Grade 2 winner who sired Grade 1 performers in the US and Argentina.

Hi Happy and Blue Prize are also good additional examples as these stallions were bred in Argentina and then, moved north with the goal of winning major races. One of the most recent connections between Argentina and the US is Gouverneur Morris, who was moved to Argentina when it was sold.

Sky Racing World is Expanding on the US Market As Well

During the summer of 2021, Sky Racing World partnered with 1/ST TECHNOLOGY to utilize its AmTote International platform. The chief revenue officer of 1/ST TECHNOLOGY stated that the company is delighted to expand its collaboration with SRW and Tabcorp.

Tabcorp is Australia’s largest entertainment and wagering company and Sky Racing World is its subsidiary. SRW has exclusive rights to distribute live racing from South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and of course, Australia, across the Caribbean and the Americas.

Not only that, but it is the South Hemisphere’s leading digital source for tipping content on race markets and broadcasts. After expanding in the US, Sky Racing World signed a deal with MansionBet and in doing so, MansionBet became SRW’s coverage sponsor in the country.

The commercial and international manager of SRW, Glen Swinney, stated that SRW is happy to partner with MansionBet, a company that has a massive commitment to horse racing.

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