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Sky Betting & Gaming Senior Leadership Praised in Glassdoor Review

Sky Betting & Gaming has been named as one of the top 25 UK companies by the latest workplace review by Glassdoor, a job posting website. This survey focused on the senior leadership and was based on anonymous feedback from employees.

Sky Betting & Gaming Named One of Best Companies

After the company placed 29th in Glassdoor’s Employee Choice earlier this year, SBG has landed in the 17th spot in the latest ranking by Glassdoor. This means that Sky Betting & Gaming is bound to remain one of the most desirable employers in the country when asking the people who can tell best – the employees.

All feedback has been processed without revealing employees’ names, owing to the website’s privacy-focused rating system. A total of 213,000 senior leadership ratings were processed by Glassdoor with all employees to have ever interacted with a senior leader giving their feedback.

This means that anyone from interns to part-time to full-time employees has had a right to offer feedback and help shape public perception of what company SBG is and what types of people work there. The surveyed period ran from April 20, 2021, through April 19, 2022.

Senior Leadership Takes the Pandemic In Stride

Commenting on the distinction, SBG CEO Steve Birch thanked the company’s employees and senior leaders for making the company a better place to work. He also commended the efforts being done to make SBG a good place for workers during the pandemic. Birch added:

“Promoting a dynamic and inclusive workplace is core to Flutter’s Work Better strategy for colleagues, a key pillar of our Positive Impact Plan, and something that is highly valued across the Flutter group, including the UK and Ireland division.”

SBG CEO Steve Birch

Glassdoor EMEA economist spoke about the challenges that companies had to face during the pandemic, arguing that COVID-19 has completely reshuffled the “rules for management.” Therefore, companies had to rely on their senior leadership to ensure that employees down the chain felt that they are being taken care of.


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