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City Slots Visitor Gets Life in Prison for Murdering a Man

A brutal murderer has been sentenced to life in prison for the monstrous murder of a man in a London slots venue. The court examined footage of the heartless killing and decided that the killer will always pose a danger to society if free.

Berhany and Haile First Met at the Venue

Abel Berhany, a 23-years-old Eritrean, met his victim, Abraham Haile, 56, at the City Slots gaming arcade in Camden High Street, London. Security footage from the venue’s smoking area shows that the two men engaged in a quarrel. As result, Haile delivered a single punch to Berhany’s face.

From then on, the confrontation escalated, forcing the manager to intervene. The latter got the customers out and locked Berhany and Haile inside while waiting for the police. Little did he know that Berhany was not going to sit around and wait.

By the time the police arrived at the scene, Haile was already dead. City Slots’ cameras revealed more about the chilling act of inhuman violence.

Berhany Killed Haile Before the Police Could Arrive

Being locked in with Berhany was the worst possible thing that could have happened to Haile. The aggravated murderer used the time before the police arrived to inflict as much damage as possible to the 56-years-old chauffeur. The latter received numerous kicks while on the ground. According to data that was presented to the court, Berhany jumped on Haile’s body and head 99 times.

Unfazed by his monstrous actions, Berhany stopped for a little rest and smoked a cigarette before unleashing a second barrage. This time, Haile was not going to get out alive. The assailant grabbed two nearby fire extinguishers and used them to bash his victim’s head over 50 times. He then proceeded to take a broom and used one of the extinguishers to hammer it into Haile’s throat.

As if this was not enough, Berhany discharged both fire extinguishers over and into Haile’s lifeless body. Lastly, the heartless killer took out a ballpoint pen and doused it in bleach before using it to further desecrate the corpse.

Judge Picton Shuddered at the Footage

Judge Martin Picton was shaken by the footage. He said that Berhany’s merciless actions beggar belief and that it is hard to forget the “cruel, heartless and inhuman” murder seen on the footage.

The defendant was entirely remorseless in his desire to inflict as much pain and indignity as he could.

Judge Martin Picton

Berhany’s lawyer tried to argue that his client was actually remorseful. He tried to help Berhany get away with manslaughter on account of diminished responsibility and have him serve only 18 years in prison. However, Picton would have none of it. The judge insisted that Berhany was too dangerous to be free and thereby sentenced him to life in prison.

As for the reason for Berhany’s brutal actions, the court found out that the man had been suffering from PTSD and undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia. This is likely because of a childhood trauma from Berhany’s past. Picton suggested that the murderer might have tried to reenact his trauma on Haile.

Lastly, Picton lauded Haile’s family for being patient and dignified despite the circumstances.


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