October 17, 2022 3 min read

Sky Bet Debunks Gambling Myths for Safer Gambling Week 2022

Flutter-owned, Sky Bet, launched a new initiative just in time for the Safer Gambling Week this year, a new report reveals.

Sky Bet Unveils Informative Campaign Busting Myths about Gambling

According to a new report released by Gambling Insider, Sky Bet introduced a new “mythbusters” campaign via an e-mail sent out to its users. The new initiative seeks to bust popular gambling myths and remind gamblers to enjoy the activity responsibly. A common misconception about gambling or wagering is that “knowing the game well increases your chances of winning.” Sky Bet acknowledged that the wagering experience may help the gamblers, still, it said that the experience doesn’t improve the odds or ensures 100% chance of winning.

At the end of the day, no one can predict the outcome of a game, fight, race or match,

explained Sky Bet

The leading brand explained that no one can guarantee what the outcome of a race, match, game or fight may be. Focusing on the users that have experience, Sky Bet reiterated that if one team wins several times in a row, there’s no 100% guarantee that the same team will win once more.

Another common misconception that was busted is the use of statistics or hints. The brand pointed out that if statistics were accurate everyone would be able to learn them and use them to their advantage. Instead, Sky Bet said that the outcome of each event is unrelated to others and in the end, it’s “entirely down to chance.”

The recent “mythbusters” campaign acknowledged another gambling myth: there’s no guarantee that the players will win big if they bet more. Sky Bet said that it is a misconception that wagering more will result in huge payouts. In fact, the brand said that the more one person gambles, the higher the chance of losing is because there’s no guarantee they will win back what they wagered.

The Brand Supports Safer Gambling

Besides the recent “mythbusters” campaign, Sky Bet revealed other initiatives just in time for the Safer Gambling Week set between October 17 and October 23, 2022. 

This week is an important one in our industry’s calendar. “Safer Gambling Week”, is an annual opportunity to shine a spotlight on our safer gambling practices. Together with other businesses in our industry, we’re able to raise further awareness about this topic which is important to us all,

reads a statement released by Sky Bet

Seeking to further raise awareness of safer gambling practices, Sky Bet’s owner, Flutter UK & Ireland, organized a discussion that will focus on safer gambling. The company’s leadership team along with senior members of Sky Bet, Paddy Power and Betfair agreed to talk about the importance of safer gambling.


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