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SIS to Integrate Its Product Portfolio with Altenar’s Sportsbook

Sports Information Services will be integrating its full portfolio of services with one of the leading providers of sportsbook solutions

Moving forward, SIS’ 24/7 live betting services will become part of Altenar’s sportsbook offer, with SIS covering more than 76,000 events every year through its 24/7 Live Racing Content, which will also be the first product to be featured with Altenar.

Altenar Strengthens Betting Experiences with SIS

Altenar provides the platform for partner operators and as such, the 24/7 Live Racing Content module will also be available to its partner operators.

Another product that Altenar’s network of operators will benefit from is the SIS Competitive Gaming solution, which is a unique esports product that offers more than 200,000 round-the-clock events that are produced in-house. All the while, Altenar has been expanding its reach in individual markets, including Italy.

SIS guarantees that each of these events follows the highest integrity standards and ensures that players have access to a reliable and equitable betting experience on esports. This is the latest milestone for SIS which is looking to continually grow its reach and deliver its products with more providers of sportsbook infrastructure such as Altenar.

SIS head of commercial partnerships Andy Kelly has welcomed the opportunity to see Altenar and the company tie the knot on a sportsbook partnership. Kelly hailed Altenar’s own successes in growing its offer across the sports betting space worldwide and argued that the deal would have a significant geographical impact on SIS as well. Kelly added:

We are confident that our extensive and premium Live Racing Content, delivered from tracks worldwide, will prove to be a hit with Altenar’s partners and we look forward to the subsequent roll-out of our Competitive Gaming offering and highly popular numbers range.

SIS head of commercial partnerships Andy Kelly

Thinking Outside the Box and Injection Innovation in Betting

Altenar director of operations Antonis Karakousis was similarly excited about the opportunity that this collaboration brought. Altenar, Karakousis said, was constantly on the lookout to expand its offer and bring even more worthwhile experiences to its partner operators.

This is precisely what is happening through the tie-up with SIS, the director added, touting the value of innovative out-of-the-box betting experiences. “Regular short-form betting opportunities around the clock can only benefit our operator clients and we look forward to integrating the entire SIS range of products in the coming months,” Karakousis concluded.

SIS has been methodical in building up its reach as well. The company partnered with Spreadex in July to bring the platform its advanced CS:GO betting markets.


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