October 29, 2021 3 min read


SIS Reinforces Presence in South Africa Through Deal With Marshalls

Business-to-business betting content and production services provider Sports Information Services has signed an important partnership with South African sports betting operator Marshalls World of Sport. The partnership will see the launch of a South African 24/7 live betting channel.

The New 24/7 Channel Will Bring Exciting Betting Options

The new channel has been created with the South African bettors in mind. It will feature a special selection of content, including live data and streams, on-screen info and commentary. Clients in South Africa will have access to around 38,000 greyhound racing events, including local competitions and a selection of global events. The channel will also implement Sports Information Services’ Trading Services live racing solution.

Other than SIS’ live racing solution, the partnership will see the 24/7 live betting channel integrating more of the B2B company’s offerings, including 49s and 39s draws. Thanks to that, the South African punters will have a myriad of exciting betting options to choose from.

Marshalls World of Sport’s owner, Jeremy Marshall, is delighted to work alongside SIS for the launch of the 24/7 live betting channel. Marshall doesn’t harbor a shred of doubt about the channel’s eventual success and is sure that it will help to both improve the value of Marshalls World of Sport’s offerings to fans and drive the business forward.

“Having access to a bespoke channel specifically tailored for the South African market is of huge value to us as a company, with this partnership proving that SIS understands local market needs and requirements perfectly, wherever you are in the world,” Marshall explained.

SIS Remains Committed to Fan Engagement

Sports Information Services’ digital sales manager, Joe Andrews, revealed that SIS is just as excited to join forces with Marshalls World of Sport. The B2B company is thrilled to boost bettor engagement in the South African market and believes that the 24/7 live betting channel will be a strong asset to that end.

“Alongside horse and greyhound racing, Marshalls has a comprehensive live betting channel that will help drive customer engagement across all hours of the day,” Andrews noted.

He added that numbers betting remains as one of the preferred wagering options to South African players who adore the 49’s brand. The local clients will now be able to enjoy 49’s draws reworked version, alongside a plethora of other gambling offerings.

SIS remains committed to expanding its presence across various regions. A few weeks ago it signed a similar deal with the Australian racing-oriented sportsbook data provider RACELAB GLOBAL. Even more recently, SIS launched a new subsidiary in the United States with the intention of affirming itself in the fresh US markets.


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