October 12, 2021 3 min read


SIS Investment in RACELAB Leads to the Two Companies Joining Forces

Business-to-business betting content and production services provider Sports Information Services (SIS) has made a big investment in Australia-based racing-oriented sportsbook data provider RACELAB GLOBAL.


Thanks to its major support, SIS will be provided with access to RACELAB GLOBAL’s tech solutions, including the ODDS ENGINE and PRO FORM.

ODDS ENGINE is RACELAB’s proprietary technology that powers the company’s leading fixed odds pricing service. PRO FORM is the data and enhanced informatics that provide “accurate, real-time information that enables wagering providers and sportsbooks to grow turnover and customer engagement.”

RACELAB has created a quantitative modeling platform that it uses to measure runner performance through a standardized format for all racing codes. Thanks to this, RACELAB is able to create top-notch statistics and odds and generate exciting prices for racing bettors. 

Richard Ames, SIS’ chief executive officer and chairman of RACELAB, is delighted by the opportunities this investment presents. Ames is excited to have “instant access to a complementary suite of fantastic next-generation technology products and services.” He believes that access to RACELAB’s products will dramatically enhance the experience of SIS clients.

RACELAB’s chief executive, Dr. Eliot Forbes, shares Ames’ sentiments. He is thrilled to be working with Ames and the whole SIS team, particularly in the international markets and the opportunities they provide to the racing industry stakeholders.

“RACELAB’s technologies are transformative, enabling scale, accuracy and genuine innovation and partnering with SIS will allow RACELAB to expand quickly and gain wide distribution for our services,” Forbes added.

Expanding Globally Together

Ames continued by mentioning SIS’s growing presence. He explained that with so many markets reached, the company needed a partnership such as the one with RACELAB that would “allow SIS to kick on further and faster adding a range of market-leading products across its full portfolio of international horse and greyhound racing.”

The SIS CEO continued by mentioning that the two involved parties complement each other in terms of customer relationships, making their collaborative efforts even more promising.

The founder and executive director of RACELAB, Shane Clarke, also spoke on the matter, stating that he is proud of how far RACELAB has reached through its Australian offerings and feels prepared to go further and explore the global market. “I am delighted that this partnership with SIS extends the reach of our company to a genuinely global basis, and I am sure the relationship will prove to be extremely productive in a very short timescale,” Clarke explained.


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