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Singapore Makes 89 Arrests in Illegal Horse Gambling Case

Singapore continues to actively seek and crack down on illegal gambling, with authorities now catching wind of a new potential case of illicit horse wagering

According to the Singapore Police Force, a total of 89 people are now being investigated for their alleged involvement in illegal horse betting. Authorities said that 85 men and four women aged between 38 and 84 have been involved in running an illegal gambling operation.

Illegal Gambling Carries on But Police Is on the Lookout

They held various positions within the organizations, but most commonly “runners,” who oversaw the day-to-day. Some of the suspects are said to have participated in the gambling itself and have no relationship with the business whatsoever.

A large-scale police operation got underway between May 10 and May 20, leading to the evidence collected and the suspects identified, involving vast police resources. Singapore has been committed to uprooting illegal gambling and despite the stiff penalties extended to those found in the wrong, many have carried on regardless.

Police raided several locations and retrieved a grand total of SG$64,000 ($47,425) along with various paraphernalia that was used to facilitate the illegal betting business. Commenting on the case, the police authorities assured that they would continue to take a hard stance on illegal gambling in the country and bring those responsible to justice.

The current laws in the country allow judges to fine individuals involved in illegal gambling, as well as offer prison sentences of up to six months. Those are the penalties for punters. Stiffer penalties apply to potential organizers of such events, with their fines and penalties extending to years of prison time.

Stiff Penalties and Thousands of Arrests

Ring leaders and unlawful business owners may serve up to 10 years of prison time and be ordered to pay SG$500,000 ($369,568). Repeat offenders also face stiff penalties of up to SG$700,000 ($520,000) and they too may do lengthy prison sentences.

The number of people apprehended and arrested over their participation in illegal gambling activities in Singapore has been steadily growing. More than 2,400 people were arrested in the period between 2019 and 2022, with illegal gambling soaring around the time of major events such as the World Cup.


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