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Singapore Arrests Criminal for Recording Cards at Marina Bay Sands

Singapore continues to crack down on illegal gambling on its territory, going after international and local criminals in the process

The latest such action has been taken against a 45-year-old Malaysian who is suspected to be a part of an international criminal syndicate. The man is said to have recorded cards dealt during a game of baccarat hosted out of the Marina Bay Sands, the regulated land-based casino in the jurisdiction.

Police Cooperates with Malaysia to Bring in the Man

The Singapore Police have released details about the suspect, who is linked to a probe by the Casino Crime Investigation Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department. Previously, the Department went after a 27-year-old Taiwanese man and another Malaysian man aged 35. Both have been charged as members of a criminal syndicate, with the police confiscating more than $520,000 worth of casino chips, cash, and a mobile phone in their possession.

The latest suspect was arrested on Thursday, June 8, with the help of the Royal Malaysia Police but he was sent back to Singapore last week. In Singapore, a court charged the man with a conspiracy to use things prohibited under Section 171(1) for the purposes of gambling. The charges were delivered on the very next day – Friday, June 9.

If found guilty, the 45-year-old suspect could face up to seven years and a fine up to $111,000, or both. Singapore has reformed its penal code regarding casino and gambling offenses recently, and it takes a much tougher stance on organizers of illegal gambling activities than it does on participants.

Singapore Police Remains Vigilant on Matters of Illegal Gambling

In the meantime, the Singapore Police Force has assured that it would not leave instances of criminal activities linked to gambling unpunished. The police have been actively participating in various investigations, including a large-scale recent probe that names 89 people as possibly involved in illegal horse betting activities.

The Singapore Police Force released details about this particular case late in May, saying that 85 men and four women aged 38-84 were all possibly involved. They were arrested over a ten-day period between May 10 and May 20. The case was made public by local media outlets, including The Strait Times, and the police is now sorting the suspects, who are threatened by a $7,400 fine or a prison sentence of up to six months, or both.


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