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Simplebet Signs a Multi-Year Deal with MLB for Rally App

Simplebet has inked a multi-year partnership with MLB to become an Official Odds Provider for its free-to-play Rally app starting with the 2021 season.

Simplebet to Boost MLB Rally App’s Live Predictions

Simplebet, an innovative B2B sports betting technology company, has announced it has signed a multi-year deal with Major League Baseball (MLB) to become its Official Odds Provider with a free-to-play mobile game Rally app, starting with the 2021 season.

Simplebet’s goal is to provide innovative fan experience and engagement, better betting opportunities for users, providing live prediction odds for each event. The company allows sports wagering operators to attract more customers, enhance lifetime value for users, and offer new markets. 

MLB Executive Vice President of Business Development, Kenny Gersh, stated that Simplebet’s innovative technology would take the app to the next level. He said that as an Official Odds Provider, Simplebet would help MLB engage more with its fans for the upcoming 2021 season and in the future. 

MLB Rally to Combine Odds and Automated Mechanics

MLB Rally is a real-time gaming app where bettors, who are 21 years old or older, can make predictions, compete for prizes, earn points and merchandise. Simplebet will revolutionize the app’s prediction mechanism for each MLB game for the 2021 season. Under the deal, the company’s Micro-Market innovative technology will combine odds for each potential outcome with automated mechanics of a betting market, including suspension, repricing, and resulting.

The Rally app will run on Simplebet’s machine learning and automation engine to give fans Micro-Market prediction chances. Simplebet will further develop its in-play betting system to engage with fans even more. It will license its innovative technology to power up its Rally’s experience and boost its app’s game predictions even more and allow bettors to make picks on every at-bat.

Micro-Market Products for Fan Engagement 

In traditional sports wagering, players bet before the match starts, and the results can come hours or days later. With Simplebet’s Micro-Market wagering platform, this is not the case. Players can place in-play micro-bets on sporting events, including the next point in cricket or tennis. The outcome is determined almost at the same time. Simplebet has hopes for further expansion of in-play betting and has reported significant levels of fans engagements. The company recently launched a Micro-Market product in partnership with Intralot in Montana.

Simplebet Co-Founder and CEO Chris Bevilacqua said that the company is excited to power up MLB’s Rally app, as it is the perfect platform to show Micro-Market’s capabilities. He stated that every at-bat would give a unique opportunity to boost watch times and boost customer engagement. It would be beneficial for all sides: partners, operators, and end-users.


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