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Simplebet Launches Micro-Market Product with Intralot in Montana

Simplebet launched its Micro-Market betting platform in Montana in collaboration with Intralot. The company is thrilled to expand to another market after it launched its services successfully in Washington D.C. back in January.

Simplebet Rolls Out Its Micro-Market Product with Intralot in Montana

The B2B product development company, Simplebet has announced that it rolled out its fully automated real money Micro-Market betting platform for residents in Montana. The launch was possible thanks to a partnership between Simplebet and Intralot Inc – the U.S. arm of Intralot Group. Simplebet’s launch comes just in time for Super Bowl LV which will start this Sunday, February 7.

Earlier this week, the American Gaming Association estimated that approximately 23.2 million sports fans in America may be betting on the Super Bowl. Besides wagering on the Super Bowl, residents of Montana are now going to be able to visit licensed locations within the state and wager on more sports such as MBL and NBA.

With traditional sports betting, bets are placed before the match starts and the outcome may come in hours or even days. However, this is not the case with Simplebet’s Micro-Market betting platform. The company offers an innovative way for placing in-play micro-bets on events such as the next point in tennis or cricket and the outcomes are determined almost simultaneously. Undoubtedly, the Micro-Market launch will attract new customers to the betting market and also increase the experiences for sports fans in Montana.

Micro-Market Products Are a Part of the Future of Sports Betting

In a statement, Simplebet’s co-founder and CEO, Chris Bevilacqua said that after the company launched its real-money product successfully in Washington D.C., now, Simplebet is thrilled to expand to Montana in collaboration with Intralot.

Furthermore, he acknowledged that Simplebet has indicated significant levels of sports fans engagement and it also has high hopes for the growth and expansion of in-play betting. In conclusion, Bevilacqua said that he believes that in-play betting will be “integral to the future of the sports gambling and fan engagement paradigm“.

Following the successful rollout of our real money betting product in Washington, DC, we’re thrilled to quickly expand our product to Montana alongside our partner, Intralot.

Chris Bevilacqua, co-founder and CEO, Simplebet

Byron Boothe, CEO at Intralot Inc acknowledged that the company is very excited to offer the Micro-Market product for the Commonwealth of Montana. Furthermore, he added that Simplebet’s innovative technology product gives sports fans the ability to place bets on thousands of different outcomes within professional sports.

Similar to Simplebet’s CEO, Boothe too stressed that since the rollout of the real money Micro-Market offering in D.C., extremely positive results were observed. Furthermore, he added that expanding to Montana is the “next step in our collaborative efforts to deliver an unmatched product across the globe“.


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