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Intralot Moves in Early on US Micro-Markets with Simplebet

Simplebet has forged a fresh alliance with Intralot to launch its Micro-Markets betting solution for NFL, NBA and MLB contests.

Simplebet Launches Micro-Markets Solutions on Intralot Orion

Intralot has struck a partnership with Simplebet on Thursday for the launch of the latter’s proprietor Micro-Markets betting solution.

The deal permits Simplebet to introduce a number of in-play and traditional Micro-Market betting opportunities across several mainstream sporting franchises, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Simplebet develops B2B solutions leveraging the power of machine learning and automation to offer in-depth betting opportunities pivoted on individual moments across multiple sports contests.

Referred to as Micro-Markets, this solution makes every second of an athletic competition a moment consumers may bet on. The solution is integrated into the Intralot Orion sports betting platform.

Simplebet is able to adjust markets instantly based on up-to-date statistics and information, hosting new bets, suspending existing selections and repricing running lines.

The first instance of Micro-Markets powered by Simplebet should occur at some point in the NFL 2020/2021 season. Micro-Markets will arrive in the MLB postseason.

With the NBA reportedly restarting its season in January, INTRALOT Orion will be rolling Micro-Markets for the regular season. According to Simplebet cofounder Chris Bevilacqua, sports fans will have 2.5 million Micro-Market betting opportunities during the regular seasons for these sports competitions.

Simplebet’s Clout in the US Grows

Simplebet launched the technology in the summer and it has already raised $35 million for its ground-break data solution. The funding round has attracted interest from sports athletes, analysts, and entire sports franchises.

The company already has established partnerships with Marquee Sports Network and FanDuel. FanDuels deal is for the development of dedicated Daily Fantasy Sports apps. Simplebet has signed a similar partnership with PointsBet, bringing its in-play micro markets across the entire sportsbook’s network.  

To prove its authenticity, Simplebet has been happy to sign up with Sportradar, a company dedicated to the collection an analysis of real-time sports data.

Intralot Group CEO, Dr. Chris Dimitriadis commented on the deal saying that the “continuous enrichment of player experience” was the company’s key focus.  

“We are looking forward to working with Simplebet and diversifying our portfolio further.”

Bevilacqua used the opportunity of the newly-announced partnership to remind about Simplebet’s staying power and strong pull.

He argued that Simplebet was looking to not only partner with the best operators and suppliers in sports betting, but to also showcase the strength of the company’s native solution and how it can lead to a better user experience overall.

Intralot’s Dimitriadis has been excited to share that thanks to this partnership with Simplebet, the company is a de facto early mover into Micro-Markets in the United States, giving it an important head-start in an overly competitive market.

Intralot’s footprint is quickly expanding in the United States. The company has signed several high-level contracts in several jurisdictions. That includes Washington, D.C., Montana, and the New Hampshire Lottery.

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