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Amelco and Simplebet Partner to Spearhead Micro-Betting across All US Sports

This new partnership will bolster Amelco’s offerings with Simplebet’s proprietary technology, providing sports fans with a unique and engaging experience

Simplebet’s platform enables fans to wager on micro-events within a game, like an individual pitch, swing, or shot. Such a novel way of engaging with sports betting content is just what Amelco needs to maintain its North American momentum and differentiate its offerings from the competition. The technology proved itself during the NFL Playoffs and generated substantial profits, justifying Amelco’s interest.

Amelco Adds Another Solution to Its Comprehensive Platform

Microbetting is one of the latest innovations to hit the sports wagering market, allowing fans to engage with their favorite sports in a novel way with fast, fun, and exciting real-time bets. Simplebet is one of the clear innovators in the field, offering an impressive selection of products for some of the most popular sporting leagues.

The NFL playoffs highlighted the technology’s true potential, showcasing the rising interest among operators and fans. Simplebet reported that micro-bets accounted for $1.5 million in betting handle during the first three rounds, thanks to rising customer engagement. Company CEO Chris Bevilacqua was excited to partner with Amelco, furthering Simplebet’s reach across the USA.

We look forward to working together with Amelco to create a great experience for its customers.

Chris Bevilacqua, Simplebet CEO

Simplebet is among the most popular providers of micro-betting solutions, cooperating with high-profile operators like Caesars Entertainment and bet365. The developer’s strategy of creating instant-gratification betting moments and a substantial focus on fostering lasting partnerships are pivotal to its ongoing success.

Simplebet Gains an Ambitious, Expansion-Minded Partner

This milestone partnership comes at a time of rapid growth for Amelco in the US. The company has seen a significant increase in demand for its sports betting software and services as more states legalize sports betting. Substantial increases in turnover during March Madness bolstered Amelco’s impressive momentum, giving it the freedom to pursue new growth opportunities.

The leading supplier was among the first to enter the fresh Ohio market, leveraging its impressive product suite spanning sports betting, iGaming, PAM, retail, and other verticals. Head of Amelco USA, Brandon Walker, noted that implementing Simplebet’s technology would allow the company to offer an industry-leading solution to all its sportsbook partners.

This is yet another big step in the right direction, and this focus on micro-betting will stand us in good stead ahead of some huge upcoming sporting events.

Brandon Walker, head of Amelco USA

Overall, the partnership between Amelco and Simplebet is a win-win for both companies. Amelco can access cutting-edge technology, helping it differentiate itself in a crowded market, while Simplebet gains another valuable partner in its efforts to expand its North American presence. While micro-betting in the USA traditionally lagged compared to Europe, such partnerships will significantly narrow that gap in the coming years.

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