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Simplebet’s Micro-betting Products Exploded in Popularity during the NFL Playoffs

Simplebet, a business-to-business tech provider of micro-betting products has seen interest in its products ahead of the Super Bowl.

The company reported rising interest in its products during the first three rounds of the National Football League Playoffs. It also noted that some of its niche markets have been very active, with one of the biggest markets being the “Who will score a touchdown on this drive?” bet.

Many Were Interested in Micro-betting

The market offers nine selections to punters, including QB, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, WR3, TE and “other player”, as well as a “no touchdown” option. During the first three rounds of the playoffs, interest in these products increased substantially. For reference, 65 touchdowns were scored during the twelve games of the rounds.

The market recorded $1.5 million in betting handle during the aforementioned period, emphasizing the popularity of this offering. According to statistics provided by the B2B company, 26% of the clients of its partnering operators placed at least one wager on this market.

Other drive-focused markets people were interested in included Simplebet’s unique Script market. This market had payers guessing whether the play will be a run or pass and if the play results in a first down or not. The Script market was almost as popular, recording a handle of $1.3 million.

The last niche market Simplebet noted as a successful one was the “will this kickoff result in a touchback” market. According to the provider, fans adored the instant gratification aspect of this offering.

Fans Adored the Instant Gratification Aspect of Micro Bets

Simplebet’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Chris Bevilacqua, commented on the markets’ success, calling January a “banner month” for his company.

He noted that the College Football National Championship Game ensured a strong start of the year for the micro-betting specialist. The NFL Playoffs, meanwhile, kicked off with a bang and created a momentum that was maintained throughout the three rounds.

We saw an incredible amount of action on our highly detailed markets, and with points being scored seemingly every drive, more and more bettors wanted a piece of the action, and our markets proved to have the most uptime for the ordinary bettor who is looking for instant gratification.

Chris Bevilacqua, CEO, Simplebet

Bevilacqua added that the amount of traffic his team saw from some of its biggest partners, including industry-leading companies such as Caesars Entertainment and bet365, is a testament to the success of these offerings.

Simplebet offers exciting micro-betting products for some of the most popular sporting leagues. The company is popular not only for its products but also for its commitment to integrity, which saw it join the IBIA a few days ago.


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