December 17, 2021 3 min read


Simplebet Launches Micro-Betting F2P Game Playbook

Simplebet, the esteemed B2B provider of sports betting tech, is putting forward Playbook, a unique direct-to-consumer and F2P game that will allow sports fans to win various prizes. The company is confident that the solution is a first-of-its-kind offer in the quickly growing sports betting market in the United States.

The product is optimized to work on iOS and Android operating systems and offers a host of features that players may benefit from while placing wagers on the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NCAAF. The game offers live and micro betting solutions that consumers may use at their discretion.

A Comprehensive Betting Offer by Playbook

The micro-betting technology is developed by Simplebet, a proven specialist in the area, and features a number of special markets, including field goals and kickoffs, drives, plays, innings, and more, creating an action-packed experience for all sports bettors from across numerous sporting competitions.

With Playbook, sports fans will never know a dull moment as the solution will allow them to place various predictions about the outcome of each competition, whether this is predicated on pre-game wagers or in-play experiences as an event is unfolding. Simplebet CEO and co-founder Chris Bevilacqua had this to add:

“What’s been missing across the sports betting landscape is an easily accessible, in-game product, which gives sports fans around the country the ability to wager on individual moments in real-time.”

Simplebet CEO and co-founder Chris Bevilacqua

Bevilacqua is confident that the Playbook is released at the right time, citing the busy sports season with the NBA and NFL in full swing. March Madness is not so far away, and it will surely come as another opportunity for Simplebet to put its product forward and secure interest from audiences.

Better Engagement, Stronger Social Experiences

Playbook allows players to earn coins and claim prizes by simply participating and betting on a variety of sports events. Playbook prides itself on being capable of delivering “thousands of individual moments” that are going to change the way sports fans engage with the betting experience, having split-seconds to make decisions that can result in big wins.

Each sport is slightly different, which means that the platform will appeal to consumers in a highly personalized way that takes into consideration particular audiences’ preferences. Simplebet has been operating as a micro-betting market specialist with the end goal to achieve better fan engagement in the United States and beyond.

Simplebet has been scaling up its offer, providing micro-betting markets in Washington and launching the same offer through DraftKings in August. That same month Simplebet announced an investment from Jake Paul’s “Anti Fund,” with the company securing $30 million in ready funds to use.


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