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Simon Zinger Takes Over as Legal Counsel for Entain

Simon Zinger is stepping in as Entain’s legal counsel starting on February 22 and bringing vast legal expertise with him.

With a strong start of the year, Entain is expanding its team with the recruitment of Simon Zinger, an industry veteran who is joining as a general counsel for the company, ahead of Entain’s expected M&A drive this year.

Zinger is stepping into the position on February 22. He’s filling in for Robert Hosking who was introduced to the company’s Board of Directors back in December. Hosking is now the chief governance officer (CGO) for the company.

Facing a busy year, Zinger will have to advise Entain on communication with third-parties and also participate in key negotiations. With MGM Resorts International dropping its bid for Entain’s assets earlier this year, the prospect of the hospitality giant attempting to buy out the company might not be completely off the table.

Zinger though is no chance hiring. He has years of experience working at Dentsu, an international agency operating out of Tokyo. Zinger has led a team of over 250 lawyers. His competences make him the right fit for the job as Zinger can practice law in the United Kingdom and the United States. Both are pivotal markets for the company.

Yet, Zinger’s legal background makes him competent in other jurisdictions, too, and ultimately he has the right mindset and professional savvy to lead Entain through M&A bids in months and possibly years to come.

A Flurry of Developments for Entain

Entain expects Zinger to prove immense help for the company in dealing with regulated markets and any developments therein. Entain made a promise late last year, when it rebranded from GVC Holdings, to withdraw from any unregulated market. That will be part of the company’s strategy under its first-female CEO, Jette Nygaard-Andersen. She had to step in following former chief executive Shay Segev‘s decision to join DAZN.  

In the meantime, Entain is in the process of acquiring Enlabs some of whose shareholders are pushing back against. Entain has extended the acceptance period through March 18, 2021. Entain is also reportedly interested in Tabcorp.

The company continues its global push. In the words of its former CEO, Entain is going to be the dominant force in business within the next several years. Zinger’s arrival is just a reminder that Entain would not settle for anything less.

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