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SGG Media Co-Founder Troy Paul Named CEO

Troy Paul, one of the founders of the sports betting social media content and advertising provider Sports Gambling Guides (SGG) Media, has been named as the company’s new chief executive officer. As one of the affiliate’s founders, Paul is ambitious about growing the firm.

Paul Becomes SGG Media’s CEO

The new CEO will be tasked with overseeing the company’s strategy and backing its ongoing global expansion. SGG Media is bullish on becoming a powerhouse in sports betting advertisement – a goal that Paul will support with all his strength.

The new CEO already serves as the company’s co-founder beside Mark Paul, as well as a member of SGG Media’s board. Prior to creating the affiliate, Troy Paul cultivated his experience in the business sector. He had a short stint as a research and strategy intern at Meyer Bergman. This was preceded by a three-month tenure as a business development intern at Kingsbarn Realty Capital and an earlier three-month stint as a marketing and expansion intern at Sides Incorporated.

Paul’s past experience makes him the perfect choice to guide SGG Media as it seeks to further grow its influence. Currently, the affiliate boasts 1,300 content creators and influences, supplying over 26 million sports fans with content. The company also has existing agreements with some of the biggest companies in the sports betting sector, including DraftKings, Fanatics, FanDuel, Fliff and Prize Picks.

Paul Is Excited to Lead the Company

Troy Paul spoke about his new position at SGG Media. As its founder, Paul cares deeply about the company and is looking forward to working as its chief executive. In his statement, the new CEO praised the company’s quick growth, noting that its current following is nothing short of impressive.

According to Paul, SGG Media now offers its partners “the most cost-effective way” to reach younger sports fans. He noted that his company is well-aware of what younger enthusiasts who get all their sports information from social media want.

Paul said that SGG Media has managed to establish a robust community of passionate sports lovers and is now the go-to source for sports betting representation on social media. He concluded that the company represents the growing “influencer economy” via micro sports influencers – a unique way of tackling the sector.

A few months ago, SGG Media completed a funding round, taking $3.25 million in financing, thanks to a huge contribution from Astralis Capital.


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