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SGcertified Welcomes Svend Aage Kirk

SGcertified, a comprehensive platform that helps gambling operators with safer gaming and sustainability certifications, has reinforced its team with a new partner. The one joining the company is Svend Aage Kirk, a businessman with years of experience in various industries.

Kirk Joins SGcertified

Kirk will join SGcertified with immediate effect and will share his vast experience with the certifications firm. According to SGcertified, its new partner is a successful entrepreneur and an experienced business leader. Furthermore, Kirk has worked as a manager, developer and sales and marketing specialist for many companies across various industries. One of the latest additions to his impressive career is his support of Mindway AI which helped it become a leading AI-based solution for identifying at-risk gamblers.

With Kirk’s help, SGcertified will be able to reinforce its operations and better help companies deal with problem gamblers. The firm’s platform is built upon DigitalRG’s platform, a successful solution that has helped all its clients receive the certifications they need.

SGcertified is a privately-funded entity that provides companies with help in accordance with their individual needs. It leverages a four-step process to help companies with all certification and sustainability requirement they need to fulfill. SGcertified’s philosophy is that the time for companies to make a change and do better is right now.

Kirk Is Excited to Work with the Company

Kirk, now a partner at SGcertified, spoke about his new position. He shared that he is thrilled to join the company’s team and admitted that he’s been following their activities for quite a while. Kirk noted that SGcertified’s platform impressed him with the simple yet effective way in which it works. He praised the company for its commitment to raising standards within the gaming industry.

I see great potential in and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

Svend Aage Kirk, partner, SGcertified

Kirk added that the beauty of SGcertified’s solutions is in their efficiency. He pointed out that many contemporary operators struggle to navigate the complicated safer gambling space. However, SGcertified has always managed to flawlessly help such companies improve their standards.

SG Certified’s trusted platform takes the guesswork out of the process and arms operators with the tools, information and data required to receive their desired certifications.

Svend Aage Kirk, partner, SGcertified

He added that safer gambling environments are the forte of SGcertified’s teams, which help operators by reducing the overall administrative complexity of compliance.  


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