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Setka Cup, Prague Table Tennis Association Extend Deal

The Setka Cup, a table tennis specialist, has extended its agreement with the Czech Republic’s Prague Table Tennis Association. The partnership between the two entities started in 2021 and is already proving to be a fruitful one.

Setka and the Prague Table Tennis Association Extend their Agreement

The Setka Cup, which is a part of the BETER Sports family, has decided to expand its partnership with the Prague Table Tennis Association after the agreement proved to be beneficial to both parties. As a result, the company will continue to work alongside the association to drive development within the table tennis sector. Setka and the Tennis Association hope to improve the popularity of table tennis tournaments in the digital space and outside of it.  

Per the agreement, the two entities will promote integrity and will popularize table tennis across the Czech Republic. In addition, they will encourage players to hone their skills with daily tournaments hosted by the Setka Cup. The Setka Cup Arena in Prague already offers events that welcome 100 participants each day.

The Setka Cup tournaments have the backing of BETER, an industry leader when it comes to premium gaming content. Through Setka, BETER seeks to grow the popularity of table tennis and table tennis betting. Currently, the Setka Cup hosts around 10,000 matches a month across the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Moldova. Thanks to this, BETER is able to engage fans and analysts from 152 countries and channel 13 million views toward Setka’s events.

BETER Wants to Cement Its Leadership Position in Sports and Esports

In other news, the Setka Cup recently inked a similar agreement with the Moldova Table Tennis Federation. The agreement will promote integrity and will see BETER and the Federation collect, analyze and exchange information about unusual matches that might be influenced by third parties and match-fixers.

And speaking of BETER, a month ago, the sports supplier penned a strategic partnership extension with Bayes Esports, one of the world’s live esports data suppliers. As a result, BETER will be able to use Bayes’ premium esports data to enhance its offerings, decrease integrity risks and improve efficiency. This agreement was a part of the Bayes Esports Partnership Program which seeks to improve integrity across the esports sector and curb fraud such as match-fixing.

In other news, BETER recently strengthened its team with the addition of Evgeniy Bekker as general manager of esports. The latest moves demonstrate that BETER is bullish on expanding beyond traditional sports and becoming a powerhouse in esports as well.  


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