July 4, 2022 2 min read


Sega Sammy’s Genesis Crest 43 J Cabinet Raises Standards

Sega Sammy Creation Inc announced on Friday that the company is close to releasing its new cutting-edge gaming cabinet, Genesis Crest 43 J, across markets in Asia. The company confirmed that the new cabinet will come with a strong hardware core and a slick designer’s look. The cabinet uses a 43” J-curve monitor that renders pictures in 4K. The player panel is a 13.3” LCD touch screen and features a wireless phone charger as one of the available amenities.

New Generation of Gaming Cabinets for Sega Sammy

There is a full-HD 27” topper that ensures that players are always able to follow the action and breeze through their gameplay as they see fit. Sega Sammy Creation is confident that the new product will be an improvement of the gameplay experience and bring players precisely what they need and ask for.

SSC managing director Masahiro Kurosaki hailed the Genesis Crest 43 J as a cutting-edge and top-quality product that is more efficient and technically accomplished. He said:

We have spent the past few years developing and planning the best hardware and software combination and the result is what I believe is our strongest cabinet offering to date.

SSC managing director Masahiro Kurosaki

Any game that is launched on the cabinet will make full use of the hardware capabilities of the cabinet, thus giving the Genesis Crest 43 J a distinct edge over competitors and what they can achieve in terms of gameplay experiences for their consumers. The cabinet comes with other distinct features that are set to make it a success.

Games for Genesis Crest 43 J Will Use Its Full Power

The quality of the product guarantees that it is built to last and deliver the best possible performance, meeting distinct industry standards and pushing the boundaries of what those standards are. The cabinet is also made in a way that it’s easy to maintain, designed with the idea of making it simple and intuitive for service technicians to troubleshoot and analyze problems or perform routine checks. Most importantly, the Genesis Crest 43 J promises to come with an expansive library of games that will continue to grow over the years.


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