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Scientific Games to Replace Lotto NZ’s Core and Online Gaming Systems

Lotto NZ respects and trusts Scientific Games, which has provided the lottery with retail instant scratch games for more than 30 years

New Zealand’s National Lottery, Lotto NZ, has selected Scientific Games as its new systems technology provider. As a result, the provider will roll out its next-gen technology, replacing the lottery’s existing core gaming system and online gaming system. Scientific Games’ solution will power Lotto NZ with a lottery retail system, retail point-of-sale technology, a digital lottery platform and a digital content aggregation hub.

According to the announcement, the seven-year agreement will see Scientific Games roll out its SYMPHONY gaming system to transform Lotto NZ’s draw-based games engine and communication across its retail network and 1,200+ Contour.v point-of-sale terminals and wireless ticket checkers.

Scientific Games will furthermore leverage its SG Content Hub aggregation division to provide Lotto NZ with multiple online games, draw-based games and eInstants developed by Scientific Games and third-party developers.

The official start of the agreement is the day it goes live. The arrangement can be extended for up to 12 years, Scientific Games noted.

Scientific Games is a long-term partner of the lottery and has supported it with retail instant scratch games for more than three decades. For reference, Lotto NZ currently offers Lotto, Powerball, Strike, Bullseye, Keno and Instant Kiwi.

Lotto NZ Considers Scientific Games a Reliable Partner

Lotto NZ’s chief executive officer, Chris Lyman, commented on the new partnership with Scientific Games, praising the provider for high-quality products and commitment to safer gambling.

Scientific Games’ commitment to providing engaging, socially responsible and leading gaming technology, with the customer firmly at its center, was a great match for Lotto New Zealand’s values and the future focus of our business.

Chris Lyman, CEO, Lotto NZ

Lyman added that his team is confident the two parties will continue to enjoy a “collaborative and successful partnership in the years to come.” He highlighted Lotto NZ’s ambition to grow responsibly and reach more New Zealanders. Because of this, the company finds it imperative to deliver innovative and engaging games that are intuitive, fun and safe.

Lyman concluded that Scientific Games’ tech reflects his team’s values and will help his team reach its goals.

Michael Conforti, Scientific Games’ president, international, added:

Lotto New Zealand is a recognized leader in the global lottery industry, and we are committed to a technology implementation that will responsibly drive its business to the next level for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Michael Conforti, president, international, Scientific Games

Confrorti promised that his team will help Lotto NZ maximize returns to local communities.


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