April 13, 2022 3 min read


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Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort Now Accepts Crypto Payments

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have long been touted as friends to casino gaming. Many operators have taken this concept and realized it successfully online. But few have ventured into the retail space, let alone introduce crypto payments on-site. Well, one property is bucking the trend and defying skepticism as of today, the Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort in D’Iberville, Mississippi is more than happy to take your spare ether, bitcoin, and other assorted cryptocurrencies off your hands.

Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort Blazing the Crypto Trail

This is possible through a collaboration with Everi Holdings which announced this Tuesday that its subsidiary, Everi Payments, has been launched on-site to ensure that the casino can start accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of deposit. This is one of the first casinos in the United States to have done so. The Gulf Coast Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort leverages the B4U Financial cryptocurrency payment method to easily convert digital currency into cash and vice versa.

The process is quick and easy and it marks a turning point in the way gambling properties around the United States are opening up to the implementation of groundbreaking advancements in the sector. Everi Payments is a first-of-its-kind solution that is looking to continue Everi’s broader ambition to usher a new age of cashless payments around the United States.

Resorts World in Las Vegas, Nevada became the first casino in the US to offer a cashless offer. The pandemic had a big part to play in the aversion to more tactile means of payments as an option. While regulators were reluctant to allow cashless payments in Nevada at first, they have come to see the benefits of this option. Regulatory approval in Mississippi was not much of an issue, Everi confirmed.

Commenting on these advancements, Everi executive VP and Fintech business leader Darren Simmons said that the combination of B4U Financial and Everi ATMs is a way to ensure that patrons get the best possible experience, including at properties such as Scarlet Pearl. He continued:

“We continually evaluate advanced technologies that can add new capabilities to our ‘digital neighborhood,’ and our ability to integrate with the B4U Financial crypto solution meets this criterion by enabling us to further diversify the types of financial transactions we can offer to casino guests.”

Everi executive VP and Fintech business leader Darren Simmons

B4U is a particularly useful solution as well as it enables the property to track how cash flows throughout its patrons and devices through a centralized API.

Elevating the Experience for Customers in Real Time

Everi also delivers on a set of real-time monitoring tools to ensure that the whole operation ticks over smoothly.

Scarlet Pearl CEO LuAnn Pappas was equally excited about the launch, adding: “Scarlet Pearl’s collaboration with Everi allows our guests a new way to fund their experience, as we continue our focus on setting high standards for player convenience and engagement.”

The Scarlet Pearl Casino will remain committed to innovating the gambling experience for its patrons, Pappas confirmed in a statement.  


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