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Detroit Casinos Continue Recovery in March 2022

The latest numbers by the Michigan gaming regulator have indicated a small recovery for Detroit’s three casinos, but results remain far from pre-pandemic levels.

Detroit City’s Gambling Recovery Is Taking Its Time

Detroit’s casinos seem to be doing well in March with the latest results by the Michigan Gaming Control Board now officially out. Casinos were able to rake in a total of $122.86 million during the month, up from the $113.84 million reported in March last year.

The MGCB numbers revealed that the overall performance for the casino in the month was still lower than the pre-pandemic $140 million registered in 2020 for the same period. However, it’s worth noting that Michigan did not have interactive gambling options back then, focusing the majority of the gambling experience in retail venues in Detroit.

So far as sports gambling went, the total qualified adjusted gross receipts amounted to $1.93 million, or down from the $3 million posted last year. Meanwhile, the total handle reached $26.3 million with sportsbooks managing to hold 7.3% of the total.

A further breakdown into the individual results of casinos showed that MotorCity Casino led the way in terms of gross receipts at $718,442, with Greektown Casino realizing $664,550 and MGM Casino coming up third with $545,336. However, things do look different when you consider the year-to-date results.

In this case, the gross receipts are led by Greektown which has achieved close to $1.3 million, with MGM coming up next with $852,039 and finally MotorCity Casino with $839,588. As far as table and slot gambling goes, the casinos were once again doing fairly well, relative to their 2021 results.

MGM reported $55.9 million in monthly results with MotorCity posting $39.3 million and Greektown notching up a small incremental increase of 0.4%, or $25.7 million. In terms of collected taxes, the casinos paid $9.8  million in general levy with another $14.4 million paid directly to Detroit City.


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