October 12, 2022 3 min read

SB22 Introduces Apple Watch Sports Betting App

SB22 has developed a new dedicated solution, AW22, which is designed for the Apple Watch and touted as the world-first sports betting wagering application. The solution was revealed at G2E Las Vegas and is a groundbreaking way to bet on sports in its own right. Even though the product is still awaiting patent approval, there are high hopes for a game-changing tech that can elevate sports betting a step further.

SB22 Outlines Its Apple Watch Betting App

SB22 made the announcement of this new tech in the exciting context of a recent certification by the Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), attesting to the company’s overall success and track record in the sports betting industry.

The introduction of the new Apple Watch app and technology was hailed by SB22 COO Vladimir Jovanovic who said that this technology is a first-of-its-kind experience that is committed to enhancing the betting experience for all. It’s a game-changer, Jovanovic said, explaining:

The ability to quickly place a bet while on the go, or while watching a game without needing to dive through complex menus on a phone is a game changer.

SB22 COO Vladimir Jovanovic

AW22 clearly focuses on making it possible for customers to place bets quickly and reliably while on the go. Using an Apple Watch as the medium is a brand-new opportunity for consumers to enjoy swift and intuitive sports betting. The app was backed by the head of gaming corporate finance, citizens Chris Lynch who added that SB22’s dedicated iOS platform is definitely the best in the industry.

Lynch also added that the opportunity to bring sports wagering to the Apple Watch and combine it with other technological advancements, such as VR functionality, is set to completely transform the way people experience sports betting in the first place.

AW22 Is Integrated Directly with SB22’s iOS App

As to AW22, the solution is quick and intuitive and makes it easy to navigate sports betting markets and place a wager. The solution is paired with the already existing iOS SB22 smartphone app and ensures a high level of security. SB22 CCO Vik Shrestha also added that the solution was based on a modular platform which allowed it to place the user experience front and center.

“AW22 offers a completely new way to place bets and allows our operator clients the ability to provide an innovative product ecosystem that is highly differentiated,” Shrestha concluded.


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