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San Antonio Spurs to Play Hornets on Tuesday, March 26

The San Antonio Spurs will be challenging the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday, March 26. Two distinctly capable teams will meet in a head-on clash. Here’s what to expect.

San Antonio Spurs Are onto a Good Thing

This Tuesday, March 26, we will see the San Antonio Spurs face off the Charlotte Hornets. The Spurs are red-hot with success, having lost only 2 games in their 10 last showings, most recently of which against the Houston Rockets on Friday.

The Rockets pried away a narrow victory with the final score sitting at 111-105, well within reach for the Spurs and yet so treacherously unattainable.

Despite their snafu against the Rockets, San Antonio are at the prime of their abilities, both as individual players and as a team.

DeMar Derozan and LaMarcus Aldridge both average 20 points a game, which is a perfect performance stat, emboldening coach Gregg Popovich to continue leading the San Antonio Spurs towards the title.

If it’s any consolation, San Antonio will be facing a slightly more troubled opponent, giving themselves a great chance to shine against the Charlotte Hornets.

They will have to watch out though because their opponents are known to sting.

Charlotte Hornets Soar to Victory Over Toronto Raptor’s

The Charlotte Hornets have been finding their pace once again. With three consecutive victories and an uncannily close defeat over the Toronto Raptors, on Sunday (115-114), Charlotte Hornets have now officially won their past three games.

The Hornets did have to deal with quite a few players missing out the game, including Nicolas Batum, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Tony Parker and Cody Zeller. What we saw, however was a well-oiled team that has learnt how to play exceptionally well together and not let temporary upsets setback the entire progress.

The Hornets will have to rely on their entire roster in order to be successful as opposed to the San Antonio Spurs who have quite a few noteworthy players, including DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge.

We saw a lot of the younger talent shine recently for the Hornets, though, which is emboldening for the entire squad. Dwayne Bacon dominated against the Raptors and established himself as the top scorer.

There was more support coming from the talents of Miles Bridges and Devonte Graham. Kemba Walker also jumped into that game managing to lead with points, assists and more.

The Bottom Line: Hornets vs Spurs

The question remains. Can the Hornets pull themselves together and outplay San Antonio Spurs? Narrowly-defeated in their last games, the Spurs will be looking for a quick way to start building their rather impressive winning streak from before the Rockets’ defeat.

Hornets, on the other hand, have played against slightly better teams before and they have learned how to stay composed while continuously exploiting their enemies’ weaknesses That’s good for the Hornets. Now it’s up to the Spurs to respond.

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