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San Antonio Poker Club Nullifies $100K Bad Beat Jackpot

The recent bad beat jackpot that dropped at a San Antonio poker club was nullified as reportedly the two players in the game did not follow the house rules

Some gambling venues, especially poker rooms, offer a bad beat jackpot on specific occasions. In general, a bad beat jackpot is offered when two players have significantly good hands but one of the players still loses.

For example, if two players have four of a kind with high cards such as Aces and Kings, the player with Aces would win, but that is likely to also trigger a bad beat jackpot. Although that’s a general rule for bad beat jackpots, different poker rooms can have different rules.

Now, a recent report posted via Twitter by the Texas poker player, Cedrric Trevino, reveals that a bad beat jackpot was nullified by a poker club in San Antonio. Last week, the social media influencer and poker pro revealed that a $100,000 bad beat jackpot was nullified by San Antonio Poker Palace.

Exposing Cards Too Soon

In general, whenever a bad beat jackpot drops, the winner, loser and the players that participated in the particular hand can receive a percentage of the prize. The payout varies from one poker room to another, but besides payout structure, the poker rooms have other rules that seek to ensure the eligibility of the players whenever a bad beat hand drops.

Sadly, not following the rules results in a void of the bad beat jackpot and this is precisely the case for the San Antonio poker room. Trevino posted a video along with a written explanation from the gambling venue, revealing why the bad beat jackpot was nullified.

In a post on Facebook which was consequently deleted, the San Antonio gambling venue wrote that a bad beat hand was dealt which involved two players. The poker room said that sadly, the bad beat hand was nullified due to multiple infractions.

According to the poker room, the hand of one of the players was exposed before the action was completed. Additionally, the player with the losing hand did not confirm with a motion that they called nor said that verbally. “Player saw he had a losing hand after he was shown the exposed cards and then pushes his chips in,” wrote San Antonio Poker Palace.

The poker room reiterated that it is important for players to follow the rules, explaining: “We want to stress the importance of abiding by the house rules while maintaining the integrity of the game and promotion.”


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