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Sam Rattner, Chief Operating Officer of Fubo Gaming, Resigns

Fubo Gaming, a sports streaming, betting, and interactive gaming division of the live TV streaming platform fuboTV, is undergoing a slight change in its leadership. This is because Sam Rattner, the chief operating officer of Fubo Gaming, has decided to part ways with the company.

Rattner Left Fubo Gaming After 10 Months

Rattner stayed in his position for barely around a year. He stepped into the role back in Spring 2021 at the time when fuboTV finished the acquisition of Vigtory – a sportsbook founded by Rattner himself back in 2018. FuboTV envisioned the acquisition as a stepping stone for the platform’s expansion within the sports betting sector.

As a founder and part of Vigtory, Rattner joined Fubo Gaming and helped the team throughout the better part of 2021. Yet, it seems like he didn’t quite feel in his element as he now announced his leave.

Rattner Wants a More Creative Job

In a post that he shared on Twitter, Rattner clarified why he decided to step down from his role as a chief operating officer at Fubo Gaming. He explained that his biggest passion is working with newer companies that are yet to distinguish themselves on the market.

According to his words, Rattner did feel that working for a large public company is rewarding but despite that, he still prefers helping a smaller company grow. The former COO explained that no matter what great things he achieves as a part of a larger company, it can “never replace his unwavering passion for building.”

“While I’ve enjoyed my time as a chief operating officer of fuboTV’s core growth unit, my passion for starting companies has weighed heavy on me,” Rattner revealed.

He added that he discussed his leave with fuboTV and the two parties have reached a mutual agreement to part ways. Because of that, Rattner reiterated, he’s stepping down from both his position as a chief operating officer and is leaving his seat in Fubo Gaming’s board of directors.

Rattner is glad to see that in some mere 10 months Vigtory, the sportsbook he founded, has become a powerful asset in Fubo Gaming’s arsenal. Rattner wished fuboTV and his colleagues a continued success and bid them his farewells.

Lastly, Rattner said that he is excited about what the future will bring. He will spend some time off with his family and will work on regaining his creative drive afterward.

Meanwhile, fuboTV continues to grow and reach new markets. In 2021 the platform managed to launch in several new states, including Arizona and Iowa. The company had a relatively strong year and is continued to grow throughout most of the past year. It recently acquired the French broadcasting service Molotov as a part of its plans to expand globally.

Yet, the last few weeks have seen fuboTV’s stock experience a decline. Some speculate that Rattner’s leave might be one of the factors that have added to this change.


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