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Safer Gambling Week Social Media Impressions Increased by 70% in 2023

CEO Dugher said that the record numbers show that the industry has never been more committed to ensuring the many millions who enjoy gambling continue to do so in a safe and responsible environment

The UK Betting and Gaming Council released data about this year’s Safer Gambling Week. The initiative, which ran from November 13 to 19, demonstrated a whopping 70% increase in social media impressions.

According to the BGC, the seventh edition of the event saw it gather 50 million impressions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For reference, last year’s edition only gathered 30 million impressions.

In addition, the Safer Gambling Week website, which offers a variety of safer gaming materials and advice, recorded half a million visits.

This year’s campaign was backed by a number of notable British politicians, including gambling minister Stuart Andrew MP, as well as several shadow ministers, such as Stephanie Peacock. The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission and its CEO, Andrew Rhodes, also expressed their support for the initiative.

Several soccer clubs, including West Ham United and Brighton from the Premier League and Southampton, Middlesborough and Blackpool from the EFL also promoted Safer Gambling Week. The biggest promoter among them was Blackpool, which agreed to temporarily replace its sponsor’s logo, instead displaying the Safer Gambling Week logo.

Dugher Praised the Growing Popularity of Safer Gambling Week

Michael Dugher, the chief executive of the BGC, commented on the matter, praising the success of this year’s Safer Gambling Week. He said that data shows that the campaign leads to increased use of safer gambling tools.

The record numbers for both impressions and website visits show that the industry has never been more committed to ensuring the many millions who enjoy a regular flutter continue to do so in a safe and responsible environment.

Michael Dugher, CEO, BGC

Dugher added that Safer Gambling Week has ensured that millions of people are now better informed about the safer gaming tools they have at their disposal.

Safer Gambling Week is organized by the BGC, BACTA and the Bingo Association and promotes responsible play across gambling venues across Britain, encouraging local players to wager in moderation. Gambling is enjoyed by some 22.5 million adults in the country every week, which highlights the importance of promoting a healthy industry while teaching the players to make informed decisions.


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