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Russian and Belarusian Entities, Companies, Representatives Barred from Clarion Gaming Events

Clarion Gaming has become the latest iGaming entity to choose not to conduct business with Russian and Belarusian entities and individuals because of the war in Ukraine which the Russian government denies being a war in the first place. Belarus is reportedly supporting Russia’s war effort with infrastructure, logistics, and bases in Gomel, and across the Ukrainian border. As a result, businesses from the entire world have decided to exit both aggressor countries which have been hit with the hardest trade and financial sanctions in modern history.

Joining the Isolation of Russia and Belarus

Making a statement on LinkedIn, Clarion Gaming managing director Alex Pratt posted the company’s decision to discontinue business relationships with state-owned entities, companies, and representatives from both countries for the time being. This means that Clarion Gaming events and digital products will be off-limits for anyone who falls under the above categories. Pratt specifically wrote in a succinct message:

“Due to the current tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, we have taken the decision to suspend Russian and Belarusian state entities, companies, and their representatives from participating within Clarion Gaming’s events and digital products including the forthcoming 2022 edition of ICE and iGB Affiliate in London. Our thoughts continue to be with all those being affected by the ongoing conflict.”

Clarion Gaming managing director Alex Pratt

The announcement was met with mostly a wave of support from the community, but there were those who spoke out against punishing innocent people who had no stake in their government’s doing. Those who made a case against argued that it was “hypocritical” of Clarion to be hosting events for the US and British companies even though those two nations fought in Afghanistan one person said.

Another added that Clarion had been known to organize “defense expos.” Mostly, those who found the decision extreme said that Clarion was hurting innocent people, as the Russian and Belarusian individuals that would be impacted had no say in their countries’ doings.

The Right Decision to Make

Others though supported the move but argued that their colleagues would suffer disproportionately from the conflict. This may as well be, but Clarion Gaming is correct to send a message. So far, close to one million Ukrainian citizens have left the country. Projections say that we may see up to five million people being displaced and leaving.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to deny shelling Ukrainian cities with indiscriminate bombs. Verified social media videos posted by respected analysts and on-site journalists tell a different story. Meanwhile, the media narrative in Russia continues to tell a different story as well, showing humdrum video footage from Kyiv and using stock photos to show as “proof” of already destroyed places.


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