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Royal’s Blue Chip Club Extension Could Point to Loyalty Merger

Royal Caribbean has extended the Blue Chip Club earning period for 2023 from December 31 to July 31, 2024

The Royal Caribbean Group, which is the parent company of the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises companies, has been tinkering with the idea of merging its operations under the same loyalty program.

Blue Chip Club Earning Period Extended, But Why?

As things stand, Royal Caribbean Cruises allows customers to participate in its signature Club Royale rewards program but hop over to Celebrity Cruises and you will be rolled into Blue Chip Club.

This means opportunity lost for consumers who have been otherwise very happy with the experience they receive on both cruises, including onboard casinos featuring slot and table games, as well as smoke-free areas.

The extension of the Blue Chip Club program could signal an early decision by the parent group to heed the call of its customers and indeed advance with a decision to merge the two loyalty programs, or at least connect them so consumers can benefit freely jumping from one cruise to the next.

Royal Caribbean has already announced that it will be extending and developing its casinos, seeing them as an important part of the overall experience, and a good hook to attract new customers, reactivate dormant ones, and generally continue to be a good entertainment option.

Some of the major updates have been an expansion of the existing square footage of gaming floors, but also the addition of progressive jackpots which have become a hit with players who seem to be tempted by the prospect of escaping on a cruise where they can try their hand at a progressive jackpot.

The Time for a Loyalty Program Merge May Finally Be Here

It’s not just that though as rewards programs have become very important in light of this heightened interest in the group’s cruises, and merging the two would be a smart business decision, even if on the face of it, the two brands want to maintain their relevant autonomy and independence.

Their internal competition is not likely to hurt either party, though, as consumers would just be able to use their loyalty points freely, nurturing even stronger brand loyalty, and driving attention to the growing segment of on-site casino gaming.

Although speculation at the present moment, expanding the Blue Chip Club earning period could be a way to carry over the points into a merged program moving forward, which would boost brand loyalty


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