Royal Panda Migration to LeoVegas’ Platform Is Now Complete

Royal Panda’s migration to LeoVegas’ technical platform was completed today. Consequently, the company will benefit from an enhanced gaming experience and a significantly faster mobile solution.

Royal Panda Completed Its Migration to LeoVegas’ Platform

One of the biggest online gaming operators, Royal Panda, announced today that it completed its migration to LeoVegas’ technical platform. Royal Panda will benefit from the migration in terms of economies of scale in technology, as well as product, and organization. Furthermore, by using a single platform, many operating activities are going to be simplified.

LeoVegas’ technical platform, dubbed Rhino, is a leader among the gaming platforms globally. The platform is fully ported to Google Cloud, offering both scalability and stability. Furthermore, Rhino supports a multiband operation and is currently licensed in eight jurisdictions. Last but not least, the platform currently handles more than 60 game integrations by both casinos and sportsbooks and supports more than 30 payment service providers.

The migration also brings Royal Panda the ability to keep its profile, look and feel. Furthermore, the company’s gaming experience will significantly improve with the help of a faster mobile solution, allowing the company to continue expanding within the mobile gaming space.

Being able to run all brands on one and the same platform is a milestone in the company’s history.” 

Gustaf Hagman, CEO, LeoVegas

In a statement, Gustaf Hagman, LeoVegas’ CEO, said that running all brands on the same platform is an important milestone for the company. Furthermore, he praised all of the teams that were involved in the process. Hagman stressed that he is eager to see how the company can free up resources that will speed up the growth of other initiatives. In conclusion, he acknowledged that he will be happy to see how Royal Panda’s customers can benefit from the best gaming experience on the market.

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