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Rivers Casino Philadelphia Continues Decade-Long Commitment to Local Communities

The popular venue has supported local deserving causes since its opening in 2009, making it a significant contributor to vital community-facing projects

Rivers Casino Philadelphia, owned and operated by Chicago-based Rush Street Gaming, has a proud tradition of donating $1 million each year to the Penn Treaty Special Services District (SSD), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting community initiatives in the area. The venue allocates funds from its gaming operations, hoping to help offset gambling’s negative societal impact.

Regular Contributions Have Made a Lasting Impact

The Penn Treaty SSD, established in 2006, is instrumental in empowering local community organizations through grants and sponsorships. The district encompasses several neighborhoods, including Fishtown, Northern Liberties, Olde Richmond, and South Kensington. Donations have proven instrumental in supporting 737 grants to 182 non-profit organizations, creating a lasting positive impact.

Rivers Casino Philadelphia’s most recent $1 million donation marks a cumulative contribution of $11.4 million to the Penn Treaty SSD. This substantial sum has aided many vital community projects, from organizing neighborhood festivals to enhancing parks, playgrounds, and gardens. The funding has also facilitated art, sports, and educational programs, along with infrastructure improvements, improving residents’ quality of life.

This organization has played a crucial role in enhancing the well-being of our neighboring communities, and we’re privileged to support its mission.

Eric Althaus, Rivers Casino general manager

The Penn Treaty SSD is currently accepting grant and sponsorship requests, encouraging local organizations to take advantage of the funding opportunities provided by Rivers Casino Philadelphia. This collaboration between the casino and the non-profit organization is essential for driving community growth, highlighting the venue’s dedication to making a positive societal impact.

The Casino’s Efforts Can Lead to Long-Term Benefits

Rivers Casino Philadelphia’s community-focused mindset also extends to its staff and customers. It is one of the few venues that have completely forbidden smoking on the premises, with many other casinos seeming intent to hold on to the advantage given by a legal loophole. Such efforts have cemented Rivers Casino Philadelphia’s leadership position and are vital for sustained growth.

Investing in local communities can significantly benefit the casino’s bottom line, bolstering player confidence. Rivers Casino Philadelphia remains among the top five gambling venues in the state, enjoying enduring success. Penn Treaty SSD chairman Rick Angeli was grateful for the casino’s steadfast support to communities, noting the extra funding was instrumental in improving local quality of life.

Without Rivers’ annual contribution to the SSD, none of the work we do for our communities would be possible.

Rick Angeli, Penn Treaty SSD chairman

Despite a few minor regulatory breaches, Rivers Casino Philadelphia maintains an impressive track record, helping counteract the potential dangers of gambling harm on vulnerable individuals. As the venue continues its mission to give back, its commitment to the Penn Treaty SSD remains an inspiring example of how the gaming industry can positively impact.

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