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Rivalry Corp Launches Innovative Casino Game ‘Cash & Dash’ for Next-Gen Bettors

The original 3D casino game is designed exclusively for the Rivalry platform, catering to the preferences of Millennials and Gen Z bettors

Prominent sportsbook and iGaming operator Rivalry Corp unveiled a groundbreaking casino title named ‘Cash & Dash.’ Developed in-house by Rivalry’s games team, this innovative offering aims to transform the online casino experience, catering to the next generation of bettors. This newest release perfectly aligns with the operator’s long-term plans and should bolster its impressive momentum.

Live Service Features Guarantee Enduring Popularity

Cash & Dash is a 3D casino game immersing players in a high-stakes heist scenario. Users assume the role of daring infiltrators navigating a high-security bank while avoiding deadly obstacles. The objective is to steal the treasure and make a successful escape. To add excitement, players place bets at the beginning of each round, with multipliers increasing their winnings as they progress deeper into the building.

One standout feature of Cash & Dash is the incorporation of Rivalry’s original intellectual property (IP) as playable characters. This integration connects the gaming loop with Rivalry’s brand and marketing efforts, creating a cohesive and engaging user experience. Senior Product Manager Andre Nogueira was confident the title would provide a unique experience, capturing younger audiences.

We’ve incorporated mechanics from the games industry to add a layer of entertainment value to the casino experience that resonates with our Millennial and Gen Z audience.

Andre Nogueira, Rivalry Corp Senior Product Manager

Cash & Dash operates as a live-service game, ensuring players enjoy a dynamic gaming experience. Future updates and expansions will introduce additional content and rewards, including new playable characters, custom maps, consumable items, and more. Rivalry also plans to host limited-time events, collaborating with creator partners to boost player engagement and awareness.

The Title Should Further Bolster Rivalry’s Success

Cash & Dash was crafted by Rivalry’s skilled game developers, designers, and motion artists. These experts leveraged their experience working on video games for renowned publishers and studios like Xbox, Nintendo, and Ubisoft, delivering a unique online betting product. Cash & Dash is accessible on desktop and mobile in select regions and will soon expand to Rivalry’s global markets.

This latest release perfectly aligns with Rivalry’s ambition to offer a unique and exclusive betting experience at a time when most sportsbooks look and feel the same. The company’s innovative mindset has resulted in spectacular growth with a 60% year-on-year increase in Q2 revenue. Rivalry Co-Founder and CEO Steven Salz was confident that the operator’s vision would deliver enduring success.

We see a growing opportunity to create betting products that are strikingly fun, interactive, and engaging, and our original games are a big step in that direction.

Steven Salz, Rivalry Co-Founder and CEO

With the launch of ‘Cash & Dash,’ Rivalry Corp demonstrates its dedication to serving the unique preferences of Millennials and Gen Z bettors. This original title elevates the online casino experience and strengthens Rivalry’s brand identity. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the operator remains well-positioned to capitalize on the next generation of bettors through cutting-edge entertainment.

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