August 23, 2023 3 min read


Rivalry Introduces Same-Game Parlay Feature

The endemic esports betting brand, Rivalry, has introduced a groundbreaking feature that is once again elevating the wagering experience on competitive video gaming

The company has confirmed that it has now launched a same-game parlay feature that allows esports fans to place multiple selections on the same game for a potentially bigger payout. Parlays are also referred to as accumulators in betting patois, and they refer to a bet that needs to meet several conditions in order to win.

Rivalry Breaks Ground in Esports with Same Game Combos

An example of an accumulator or parlay in League of Legends would be for one team to draw first blood and the other to win. Any combination is possible, however, with Rivalry keen to bring these new markets to players who enjoy betting on esports and want to experience more innovative and out-of-the-box markets.

Rivalry is confident in the success of its Same Game Combos, which will cover League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike, which are some of the most bet-on events in the esports vertical. Commenting on the news, Rivalry CEO and co-founder Steven Salz has hailed the opportunity to introduce yet another feature that is bound to appeal to Gen Z and Millennial audiences which is precisely the crowds that Rivalry is serving.

Same Game Combos brings one of the most popular bets on the board to an audience of deeply engaged esports fans while extending Rivalry’s position at the vanguard of betting entertainment.

Rivalry CEO and co-founder Steven Salz

Same Game Combos are quickly becoming some of the most preferred betting options among esports fans who are looking to have fun while watching their favorite teams and players compete. Rivalry has made this feature possible thanks to PandaScore’s powerful data and odds feeds that underpin the entire Rivalry platform.

Commenting on this new opportunity and product, Rivalry director of product design, David King has said that the company was constantly seeking to add more depth and value to the experience that the end consumer enjoyed.

Committed to Appealing to Younger Demographics

He spoke that this new feature was aligned with the company’s long-term strategy to target younger demographics than traditional competitors in the betting space whose demographics are ageing rapidly:

We are building for an under-30 demographic that have high expectations for the entertainment products they consume. Delivering on that level of entertainment, while creating a meaningful user experience, adds material value to the Rivalry platform.

Rivalry director of product design, David King

Rivalry has continued to grow its international footprint with the company expanding with its esports betting product in Ontario, Canada.


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