RGC Teams up with Thinktv for a New PSA

The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC), a body dedicated to reducing gambling risks through innovation, awareness and improved safeguards, has teamed up with the marketing and research association thinktv to launch a new iGaming public education campaign.

RGC Launches a New PSA

The new initiative is RGC’s response to the popularization of iGaming in the province of Ontario following its launch this spring. As the council noted, this has dramatically increased the advertisement of gambling content in the area. The RGC, therefore, wants to educate people about gambling and the dangers of gambling harm.

The RGC pointed out that the majority of gambling ads present iGaming and online sports betting as fun activities but rarely communicate the dangers associated with them. While the council doesn’t oppose gambling as a whole, it wants to remind people that they should remember the risks involved in wagering and adopt a playstyle that protects them from developing addictive tendencies.

The new campaign is developed by Zulu Alpha Kilo, a global indie marketing agency, and simulates the look and feel locals associate with iGaming ads. This revolutionary approach seeks to grab the attention of punters who might be unaware of the dangers of playing online. RGC’s ads will redirect users to KnowTheRisks.ca, a website dedicated to educating people about gambling harm and how one can enjoy the pastime without risking becoming a problem gambler.

In addition, thinktv will leverage its extensive member networks to allow the PSA to reach many Canadian broadcasters.

Thinktv Is Happy to Promote Safer Gambling

Shelley White, the chief executive of the RGC, said that the boom of online gambling and sports betting advertising in Ontario is putting a lot of people at risk. White wants to provide players with a realistic understanding of what online gambling is.

This campaign is more important than ever as new operators continue to enter the market. We are proud to be collaborating with thinktv and Canada’s broadcasters to deliver critical responsible gambling messages to the public so that people can make informed decisions if they gamble.

Shelley White, CEO, RGC

Alan Dark, thinktv’s chair, said his company is thrilled to join forces with the council and become a part of the latter’s customer protection initiatives. Dark said that thinktv will be glad to leverage its member broadcast networks to promote the new PSA.

There is an opportunity for us all to work together to ensure Ontarians receive a balanced message when it comes to online gambling and sports betting. The broadcast community plays an important role in shaping the gambling advertising landscape, and we are proud to be leading the charge in a responsible way to meet the needs of the industry and the public.

Alan Dark, chair, thinktv

The Responsible Gambling Council hopes that this initiative will help shape Ontario as a healthy gambling market.

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