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Reward of $1M Offered in Alleged Drink Spiking Incident at Vegas Casino

The award is offered by a California real estate executive and high roller who alleges that his drink was spiked while visiting MGM Resorts several years ago

Dwight Manley, a prominent high roller and real estate executive from California, who also used to be an agent for Denis Rodman back in the 90s, filed a lawsuit against the leading gaming and entertainment company, MGM Resorts. The lawsuit, dating back to November 2022, came after an alleged incident that has taken place at MGM Grand’s high-limit area. Manley alleged that while visiting the property and playing casino games, his drink was spiked, which ultimately resulted in him agreeing to a credit marker increase.

In light of the alleged incident, the real estate executive offered a reward of $500,000 to anyone who is able to identify the person that spiked his drink. This campaign rolled out back in October but according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Manley has now increased the award to a staggering $1 million.

Encouraging anyone who can help identify the alleged perpetrator, the high roller also positioned his offer on a billboard in Las Vegas. The billboard’s text reads “$1,000,000 reward. Who drugged a player’s drink at MGM Mansion Bar on December 10, 2021?” Additionally, Manley’s billboard included a website,, where people can find additional information about the incident and submit information via e-mail. The website also offers a set of terms and conditions.

Suspicions of a Spiked Drink

The alleged incident dates back to December 2021. At the time, Manley, a VIP member at MGM, was invited to Las Vegas. The operator arranged a flight for the high roller, as well as luxury transport during his stay which started on December 10, 2021.

In the afternoon on that same day, Manley visited MGM Mansion, a high-limit area, and ordered a cocktail called “old fashioned.” Once the high roller received his drink, he said that it tasted bitter but finished it anyway. A bit later, around 2:21 PM, the man ordered another drink.

In his lawsuit, Manley claimed that in the minutes after, he didn’t feel well as he was “out of it” and disoriented. At approximately 4 PM on the same day, the high roller broke an ashtray and cut his hand. He claimed he didn’t even remember this incident but continued to gamble. At some point, Manley was offered a line of credit of up to $3.5 million via three separate applications, his lawsuit alleges. Although he agreed to the credit extensions, Manley claimed in his legal filing that he did not remember any of it.

Later in the afternoon, Manley was escorted by friends to his room where he collapsed. On the next day, the high roller didn’t feel well and was suspicious that his drink was spiked. Once Manley returned to California, he visited a doctor, and an analysis of his hair uncovered traces of ketamine, as described in his lawsuit.

Known as a dissociative anesthetic used by doctors, ketamine is usually used to treat severe pain. Still, the drug has hallucinogenic effects, may distort perceptions and cause temporary memory loss.


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