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Revpanda Secures Best Digital Agency Award, Launches Block Monitor Solution

The digital agency has secured the prominent distinction recognizing its efforts in delivering impeccable service for its clients while also pushing its own original products

Revpanda, an all-in-one digital marketing agency, has announced that it has been named Best Digital Agency at the iGB Affiliate Awards 2024. Labeling this as its “latest conquest,” the company expressed its excitement for the future.

Revpanda used the opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards. The company, which is known for its innovative strategies, creative brilliance, and impactful results in iGaming, is hellbent on generating unmatched value for its clients and partners, while “continuously raising the bar.”

According to Revpanda, the latest accolade reflects its philosophy and ambition, reaffirming its position as a “trailblazer in the digital marketing landscape.”

Revpanda extended thanks to its clients, partners and team, which allowed the affiliate to secure the Best Digital Agency accolade.

Together, we celebrate this milestone and look forward to continued success as we redefine the possibilities of digital marketing and chart new horizons.

Barb Tasci, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at Revpanda

Revpanda’s Newest Solution Will Help Clients Maximize Revenues

In the meantime, Revpanda also launched a new Block Monitor tool that will allow its clients to ensure non-stop accessibility to their websites. To that end, Revpanda’s solution leverages automated tests performed over various ISPs, helping businesses minimize their losses.

Block Monitor is a powerful solution that removes a lot of tedious manual work, allowing multi-jurisdiction companies to remain aware of the availability of their websites. The tool will notify Revpanda’s clients immediately if some of their websites are blocked and no longer live, allowing them to save money and a lot of effort.

In addition, Block Monitor boasts an intuitive user-friendly layout, making it easier for clients to adapt to and use properly.

The new solution, according to Revpanda, runs automated tests every 5 minutes, informing its partners of problems with the availability of their websites. The tests are run on three different ISPs for maximum accuracy.

Once there is a problem with a certain domain, Revpanda’s Block Monitor will immediately send email notifications to the client, allowing them to activate mirror domains.

Sure, a temporary outage is not identical to a blocked domain, but the negative repercussions for your business are similar, especially if you don’t act fast and roll out a mirror domain. These are the reasons why you should start using Revpanda’s Block Monitor tool today!

Barb Tasci, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at Revpanda

The company pointed out that undisrupted availability is a crucial component of online business, highlighting the importance of maximizing revenue and keeping customers happy.


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