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Revolutionary Fubo Sportsbook to Come to Iowa Through IRGC’s Blessing

FuboTV-owned hyper-personalized sports entertainment and wagering experience provider Fubo Gaming has been greenlit for operating advance deposit online sport betting in the state of Iowa. The approval by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission is an important milestone for the operator and the launch of its upcoming mobile app, Fubo Sportsbook

An Important Step for Fubo Sportsbook

Fubo Gaming’s president, Scott Butera, is excited to have been approved by Iowa and having the opportunity to enter its mobile sports betting market. He thanked the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission and Casino Queen for being so helpful during the approval process.

 “We believe Fubo Sportsbook will provide an elevated sports entertainment experience that will bring increased interaction and engagement between sports viewing and betting. We are working with regulators in additional markets as we aim to truly innovate the gaming space,” Butera announced.

Fubo Sportsbook’s release is planned for the last quarter of 2021 and will pioneer a unique new feature that synchronizes the app with whatever the user is watching on fuboTV. The operator envisions making the betting experience extra personalized, with the app making statistics about a user’s preferences and making appropriate betting recommendations. 

“The reason we can do that while others may not be able to be that we control the end-to-end solution and are able to manage all that data. As you know, most companies are not allowed to share data, and there are privacy rules that regulate the way we’re allowed to leverage data. We don’t have that issue,” FuboTV CEO David Gandler mentioned in an interview with Closing Bell.

Fubo’s Innovative Online Betting Experience 

Fubo Gaming was just launched this year and reflects the company’s long-term goal, which is to use fuboTV and Fubo Gaming to create a harmonious multi-screen betting experience. FuboTV is already known as a premium sports broadcaster that runs in three countries (the United States of America, Spain, and Canada) and now wants to take things a step further by truly immersing viewers through a personalized online sports betting app. 

Fubo envisions having viewers becoming a part of the action through an easy-to-use betting system that, as explained above, follows their preferences closely. That dream is yet to come to fruition as Fubo Sportsbook is awaiting release. No exact release date has been given yet, but Fubo has promised it will happen in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Fubo hopes to both revolutionize the betting market and have its viewers enjoy the highly personalized betting experience that only the tandem of fuboTV and Fubo Sportsbook can offer. 

Other than just being licensed to run online sports gambling in Iowa (through Casino Queen), Fubo Gaming has already secured deals to take bets in Arizona (through the Ak-Chin Indians), as well as in New Jersey and Indiana (through Caesars Entertainment).

On September 2, fuboTV will be launching its FanView and free-to-play games for the CONMEBOL match days. Additionally, new features will be introduced to improve the viewers’ experience. 


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