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FuboTV to Launch Features for CONMEBOL Match Days from September 2

FuboTV is committed to bringing the best products to its audiences, and the company’s free-to-play games and FanView live stats will be arriving on time for the South American Qatar World Cup 2022 qualifications, known as CONMEBOL. Fubo secured exclusive rights for the CONMBEBOL all through March 2022, and will follow the matches up close. 

FuboTV Taking Improved Offering to CONMEBOL 

From September 2 onwards, all fuboTV subscribers will be able to stream CONMEBOL game days and enjoy the added value brought to them by FanView for a stats-rich experience. FuboTV is integrating free-to-play predictive games as a precursor to better-integrated live betting markets for real money.

For those fans who don’t really want to benefit from the FanView stats score-keeper or the F2P predictive games, fuboTV has come up with a simple toggle-off function to give subscribers full control over their viewing experience. 

FuboTV has already tested the solution during the CONMEBOL match window this June, an official statement by the company said. According to the company, the integration of predictive games and FanView has led to a notable increase in engagement with the platform.

New Features for fuboTV Fans and Subscribers 

Based on fuboTV data, subscribers who interacted with the features would spend 37% more time on the platform on average than those who did not. Fubo is also adding more features on September 2, and subscribers will be able to see how they rank in a leaderboard established by the company. 

Players who engage with CONMEBOL matches will earn various points if they answer questions correctly, with a $1,000 prize pool on the line for grabs. The key to fuboTV’s success is its ability to integrate not just with sports fans’ preferences, but also with a range of popular devices, including Android TV, Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One and many others.

FuboTV will seek to boost engagement through its unique features that come on top of stellar coverage from the field of play. In other words, the platform will work towards the wider adoption of free-to-play social games and eliciting responses and engagement from sports fans. 

Commenting on the upcoming CONMBEBOL experiment, fuboTV co-founder and CEO David Gandler asserted, “We believe this will mark the first time any company has integrated live streaming television, free games, and live stats within the same platform, on the big screen.”

Fubo is also preparing a Fubo Sportsbook real money wagering app which will complement the free game experience and make it so that the company can penetrate the full extent of sports and betting experiences. 

Company chief product officer Mike Berkley joined the conversation and reassured customers that fuboTV would be a single-point-of-access for all live sports experiences. “We’re really excited with what we will bring to market and can’t wait for more consumers to experience live television as a truly active and immersive experience,” Berkley concluded. 


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