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Responsible Wagering Australia Supports NSW GambleAware Week 2023

The initiative will be promoted across RWA’s apps and websites

Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) has proudly unveiled its support of NSW GambleAware Week 2023. The move highlights RWA’s commitment to safer gambling and its desire to raise awareness of the dangers gambling poses.

This year’s GambleAware Week is set to run from October 16 to 22 and will promote responsible wagering under the “What’s gambling costing you?” slogan. According to the RWA, this week is an important time for people to reflect on their gambling behavior and check in on friends and family.

Thanks to the partnership, the initiative will be promoted across RWA’s apps and websites. For example, when customers place a bet, they will see promotions of GambleAware Week and will be provided with links to the charity’s services.

Consumers will also be encouraged to use the responsible gambling tools available to them and set deposit limits.

Kai Cantwell, RWA’s chief executive officer, commented on the matter, saying:

RWA members are proud to set the industry standard for keeping customers safe, going well beyond the requirements set by governments.  

Kai Cantwell, CEO, RWA

RWA Warned Players of the Dangers of the Black Market

In addition to warning players about the inherent dangers of gambling, the RWA and GambleAware will also raise awareness of the growing offshore market in Australia. According to CEO Cantwell, unlicensed operators are one of the biggest threats to player health since they don’t adhere to local laws, evade taxes and fail to protect their customers.

RWA said that, concerningly, the black market currently makes up 15% of the entire Australian market.

Cantwell added that offshore companies are known to withhold winnings and target minors with gambling ads.

They [offshore operators] also represent one of the biggest threats to Australian sport and racing by way of match-fixing and race-rigging, with Australian authorities unable to monitor and combat illegal actors.

Kai Cantwell, CEO, RWA

Cantwell reiterated his team’s commitment to supporting the government’s efforts to combat illegal offshore operators.

RWA members will continue to work with governments and industry to develop balanced policies that keep customers safe and ensure that taxes and fees that onshore operators are required to pay continue to flow back into the Australian economy.

Kai Cantwell, CEO, RWA

The CEO asked customers to visit ACMA’s official website if they are unsure whether a site is legal or not.

Speaking of the ACMA, the regulator recently asked Best Bookies to take down a service that constituted illegal gambling under the Gambling Act 2001.


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