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Resorts Casino Hotel Defies Flames in Dramatic Atlantic City Boardwalk Fire

The flames, fueled by strong winds, melted a portion of the casino's facade and charred its doors

On November 15, a fierce fire erupted under the historic Atlantic City Boardwalk, threatening the entrance to the Resorts Casino Hotel. Despite the dramatic scene, no injuries were reported, and Resorts Casino Hotel successfully continued its operations, utilizing alternative entrances.

Resorts Casino Hotel President Thanks Firefighters for Swift Action

The fire, which ignited around 4 p.m., forced the temporary closure of two adjacent restaurants, with hopes of reopening later in the day, according to Fire Chief Scott Evans and Resorts President Mark Giannantonio. Black smoke billowed into the sky, accompanied by vivid orange flames beneath the Resorts Casino Hotel sign, creating a spectacle that drew onlookers, reported the Associated Press.

Aris Matos and his wife Michelle, diners from Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, witnessed the unfolding drama from inside the casino. Matos recounted the unfolding situation, explaining that they had continued dining, and he observed the smoke intensifying. He mentioned seeing a restaurant worker rushing outside with a fire extinguisher in an attempt to suppress the flames. However, the worker returned to the restaurant, instructing everyone to evacuate due to the flames being too substantial.

Despite the severity of the two-alarm fire, involving 30 firefighters, it was brought under control within about 40 minutes. Fire Chief Evans deemed it a very serious situation, acknowledging the challenges faced by the firefighting team. 

Resorts Casino Hotel president Giannantonio expressed gratitude for the swift response of the fire department, preventing further damage to the iconic casino.

Atlantic City Casino Fire Sparks Ongoing Probe into Unknown Cause

The fire damaged the casino’s facade, including a melted canopy, with remnants dripping down near where firefighters cut away a section of the Boardwalk to access and extinguish the blaze. The cause of the fire remains undetermined, with investigations exploring possibilities such as electrical malfunctions or accidental ignition by individuals seeking shelter beneath the Boardwalk, a not-uncommon occurrence in Atlantic City.

While the cause of the fire remains a mystery, the city’s fire department confirmed that the casino floor remained open, assuring the public that business operations were uninterrupted. The incident prompted brief evacuations of nearby businesses, but no injuries were reported. Investigations into the origins of the blaze are ongoing.

In other news, New Jersey online casinos, including Resorts Casino Hotel, are seeking a ten-year license extension, but current legislation only permits a two-year extension. Despite concerns among license holders about the short duration and the challenges it poses in a competitive market, an Assembly committee voted for the two-year extension, emphasizing the need for vigilance in the industry. 


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