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Renowned Solicitor Bolsters Curaçao Gaming Control Board

Hilary Stewart-Jones will become the Board’s newest Advisor, helping the authority navigate the upcoming extensive overhauls

In a pivotal development, Hilary Stewart-Jones, a seasoned solicitor with over three decades of experience, has been appointed an advisor to the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB). Her extensive legal background and expertise make her an invaluable addition as Curaçao embarks on a landmark transformation of its gambling regulations, signaling a momentous shift for the jurisdiction.

Stewart-Jones Has a Long History of Success

The new GCB Advisor has built a distinguished career in the legal and gambling sectors, holding prominent positions throughout her professional journey. Her impressive résumé includes non-executive director positions at renowned organizations like Ladbrokes and Paysafe Group. Stewart-Jones now works as an independent consultant at prestigious gambling law firm Harris Hagan and serves as Chair and CEO of Skywind Group, a leading gaming industry software provider.

Stewart-Jones’ legal career bears the unique distinction of a star in the gambling category, making her the only practitioner to earn such a prestigious award. Her peers regard her as a first-class lawyer with gaming in her blood, making her the perfect fit for the new position. Stewart-Jones was excited to join the GCB, aiding the regulator during such a pivotal moment in its history.

It’s an honor to be part of the monumental change that is the revitalizing of Curaçao as a world-class player in the global gambling arena.

Hilary Stewart-Jones

The GCB will fully employ Stewart-Jones’ talents, leveraging her risk and compliance expertise to navigate rising challenges. The Board’s newest Advisor continues to advise brick-and-mortar businesses like tracks and casinos. However, her core strengths lie within the online sector, where she has overseen most of the floats/acquisitions since 2000.

This Appointment Marks a Significant Milestone

Curaçao is currently undergoing a comprehensive restructuring of its gambling regulations. This ambitious undertaking signifies a substantial departure from the existing regulatory framework and aims to modernize the jurisdiction’s approach to gambling. As the nation transitions into this new era, it faces the task of implementing the National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK).

The present phase represents a transition period as Curaçao prepares to enforce the LOK. During this time, organizations seeking to operate within Curaçao must submit their applications through the GCB’s dedicated portal, which officially opened on 1 September. As the transition period ends, the GCB will pass its responsibilities to the Curaçao Gaming Authority, the country’s new regulatory body. 

As Curaçao navigates this significant regulatory evolution, stakeholders are eager to see how these changes will impact the gambling landscape in the jurisdiction and beyond. Hilary Stewart-Jones’ appointment is a promising sign, indicating the Board’s determination to ensure a seamless transition. Her wealth of experience will be instrumental in ushering in a more contemporary and efficient approach to the gambling industry.

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