September 4, 2023 3 min read


Curaçao Initiates Its Updated Online Gambling License Application Process

The move marks a significant development in the island nation’s efforts to enhance the oversight and legitimacy of its online gambling industry

Curaçao’s Gaming Control Board (GCB) has taken a significant step in regulating the nation’s online gambling by initiating the application process for operators seeking new online gambling licenses. This highly awaited measure will significantly benefit foreign regulators as Curaçao-based offshore operators previously thrived on offering illegal gambling services worldwide. The legislative updates should pave the way for a fairer and safer industry, promoting long-term value.

The GCB Hopes for a Smooth Transition

September 1 marked the start of Curaçao’s license application process as interested operators gained access to the GCB’s newly launched online portal. This service guides applicants through the process and provides detailed information about the licensing procedure. Operators can access downloads and guidance notes to ensure compliance and a smooth application experience.

The submission of completed license applications will commence in November 2023, offering operators ample time to prepare and submit their documentation for consideration. Current license holders will automatically migrate to the new system. Meanwhile, companies holding existing sub-licenses still need to apply alongside new operators but can maintain their operations. 

Businesses that submitted their applications will receive provisional licenses after November, ensuring a smooth transition to the new stricter system. These licensing updates coexist with existing legislation, allowing a more flexible response to rising challenges. Tightening the license application process should attract a broader range of operators interested in operating within Curaçao and herald the shift to a more transparent gambling sector.

Licensing Changes Coincide with Other Milestone Updates

This initiative is vital in Curaçao’s preparations for its long-awaited gambling legislation reforms. The National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK) aims to modernize and streamline the regulatory framework for online gambling, aligning it with international best practices and standards. It will introduce new licensing requirements, stricter compliance measures, and enhanced oversight to ensure the integrity and fairness of Curaçao’s online gambling sector.

Such sweeping updates are vital to protecting the island nation’s reputation and safeguarding gambling players worldwide. Curaçao-based offshore operators are infamous for offering illegal gaming services featuring minimal player protections. Australia’s ACMA recently implored the Curaçao government to take swift action, admitting it was powerless to stop such operations. The LOK will be a vital step in the right direction, curbing such ill practices.

Curaçao’s ambitions to modernize its established offshore gambling industry should benefit operators and players as the nation demonstrates its dedication to providing a safe, fair, and transparent gambling environment. The introduction of the LOK and the opening of the license application process mark significant milestones in Curaçao’s ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.

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