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Relay Confirms Closing of $35M Series B Funding Round

The funding led by G2 Venture Partners, among other investors, is expected to help the company reach a new level of growth

The leading cloud-based technology platform that plans to revolutionize and improve frontline communications for industries from hospitality to healthcare and education, Relay, announced the closing of a new funding round. On Monday, the company confirmed it completed a $35 million Series B funding round that was led by G2 Venture Partners.

In addition to G2 Venture Partners, the funding round included participation from investors such as Sovereign’s Capital and Wind River Ventures. The funding will enable Relay to grow and significantly expand the reach of its quality product called Relay+.

The innovative cloud-connected communication device offered by the company seeks to deliver efficiency and improve communication for frontline teams. Relay+ caters to industries such as hospitality, manufacturing, warehousing and even education and healthcare.

Relay’s product provides a method for seamless communication that can boost employee safety. Team members can use Relay+ to flag safety alerts and immediately notify members of other departments or managers. Thanks to the revolutionary product, team members can be informed of the exact alert location instantly and act accordingly.

This functionality is important, especially for hotels and other hospitality businesses that can benefit from streamlined processes and seamless response whenever alerts emerge. Besides the hospitality industry, Relay’s product has already proven its effectiveness in thousands of hospitals.

The latest announcement comes after the company confirmed the launch of its new translation product in April this year. Relay’s TeamTranslate leverages AI, enabling automatic detection of language and translation of text and voice messages between team members.

Last year, the company also raised $13 million after a Series A funding round.

Delivering Increased Safety, Connectivity and Productivity for Frontline Workers

David Mount, a partner at G2 Venture Partners, spoke about the exceptional product offered by Relay. “As we spoke to customers, we heard time and again that Relay is delivering increased connectivity, safety and productivity among frontline workers,” he added.

Mount acknowledged the innovation the company’s product brings in communication devices. Finally, he said that G2 Venture Partners is delighted to see Relay reach its next level of growth while offering an exceptional product to a number of industries.

This funding round marks an inflection point for Relay, as we look toward our next stage of growth.

Chris Chuang, CEO of Relay

Chris Chuang, Relay’s CEO, was similarly delighted. He explained that the newly closed $35 million funding round will help the company continue to grow. “Our team is on a mission to unleash frontline productivity with our transformative breakthrough technology,” added Chuang. Last but not least, the executive highlighted the efficiency of Relay’s products and its innovative capabilities.


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