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Regal Gaming Technologies Adopts Yoti’s Age Verification Solution

Regal Gaming Technologies, the leading UK supplier of amusement equipment to the leisure sector, has joined forces with Yoti in a move against underage gambling. Yoti will power the slots provider with its digital age verification product, allowing its slot machines to identify minors.

Yoti Powers Regal with Age Verification Tech

Per the agreement, Yoti will leverage its proprietary age verification capabilities to prevent minors from playing with the Gauselmann subsidiary’s machines. To that end, Regal’s slot machines will require customers to take a selfie before using them. The technology will estimate the customer’s age and decide whether they are allowed to use the machine.

Yoti is optimistic about the effect this solution would have on underage gambling. According to the company, its facial estimation software will have a noticeable effect on underage gambling rates. In addition, the tech will preserve the privacy of Regal customers as they would not be required to present any other documents. All photos that are taken for age verification will be immediately deleted afterward, Yoti promises.

In case a customer encounters problems with this system, they would be able to verify their age on a digital ID app. Subsequently, customers would receive a QR code that lets them instantly confirm their identity when playing on Regal’s machines.

Regal Is Committed to Preventing Underage Gambling

Andrew Bell, the managing director of finance and commercial at Regal, said that modern pubs and clubs are often busy places where it is not always possible to check each customer. Opportunistic minors surreptitiously take advantage of that to play on slot machines available at such venues. However, this will now come to an end, thanks to Yoti’s solution, Bell said.

Integrating Yoti’s solution into our machines to assist site staff with age verification is a great way to tackle underage gambling. It’s fast, accurate and highly efficient.

Andrew Bell, MD finance & commercia, Regal Gaming Technologies

Yoti’s chief executive officer, Robin Tombs, spoke about his company’s technology. He said that he is happy Yoti’s solution will be used to protect minors from gambling content. According to Tombs, his team’s goal is to create tech that is “used for good.”

We’re delighted to be working with Regal Gaming Technologies to prevent underage play and create age-appropriate experiences.

Robin Tombs, CEO, Yoti

The agreement between Yoti and Tombs comes amid concerning underage gambling rates. In addition, UKGC’s recent survey demonstrated that people aged 16 to 24 are very vulnerable to gambling harm. Speaking of the UKGC, the regulator will soon publish its Youth Gambling Report.


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