Redditch Community Lottery to Celebrate Its Second Anniversary

Redditch Community Lottery (RCL), a lottery run by the Redditch Borough Council, is approaching its second anniversary, having raised over £20,000 ($27,000) for the local community and delivered more than 760 winning tickets to date.

Supporting Good Causes and Community Services

RCL will be celebrating its second anniversary on January 18, proud of its achievements so far in raising funds to support 34 good causes and valued services in the community, while also offering cash and other prizes to its players.

Commenting on the upcoming anniversary for the RCL, council leader councilor Matt Dormer expressed his content that the lottery managed to help so many good causes, providing “invaluable” support to those who have signed up with it.

Dormer continued by defining the purpose of community lotteries like the RCL that generate “tens of thousands of pounds for the VCS sector,” wishing to “see more groups signing up ” to become a part of the RCL in the next year.

“We could all do with some good news right now, so why not buy a ticket, support your local Good Cause and be in with a chance of winning £25k?”

Matt Dormer, Councillor, Council Leader, Redditch Borough Council

Every player is offered a chance to win cash prizes up to the £25,000 ($35,000) jackpot, while 50% of the £1 ticket price goes to a good cause of choice and an additional 10% to the community fund that is used to provide invaluable support to other local good causes.

Invaluable Support during Uncertain Times

Karen Martin from Inspire Community Training, one of the organizations that have joined the RCL, expressed her appreciation of the extra support the lottery has given the voluntary organization during the uncertain times recently.

“There have been times…we have struggled to pay a bill,” she said, outlining that when the small sector organization was expecting the worst, a payment from the lottery has come to cover the bill and save the day.

Head of Community and Housing Services Judith Willis attempted to alleviate concerns of those good cause organizations willing to join the RCJ but “feel a bit unsure,” outlining the lottery is “completely free to join and offers to “top-up funds in a safe and virtual way.”

“As a Good Cause, not only do you benefit from receiving 50% of the profits from ticket sales from your page, but you also receive a host of marketing materials and support as well as your own lottery web page. And for players, there’s no physical tickets so you can support a local Good Cause and be in with a chance of winning a prize from the comfort and safety of your own home.”

Judith Willis, Head, Community and Housing Services, Redditch Borough Council

Organizations willing to sign up or lottery players willing to buy tickets can do that via the official website of Redditch Borough Council.

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