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Recovering Gambling Addict Seeks to Help Others through TikTok

Spindler leverages his lived experience to provide valuable advice to other players who might feel like they are losing control of their habits

Chris Spindler, a former gambling addict also known as nobetchris, has opened up about his experience on TikTok, seeking to help others who might struggle with problem gambling. The 26-year-old hopes to provide some relief to players going through what he personally experienced and encourage them to not give up on recovery.

Spindler started gambling when he was only 12 years old and, by the time he was 18, he was fully committed to playing and owned multiple accounts. In his TikTok videos, Spindler revealed the true extent of his addiction. He explained that gambling hard “corrupted his brain” to a point where he was unable to think about anything else.

I simply didn’t care about the real-life consequences; I didn’t care about the damage that my gambling was causing me. Gambling just corrupted my brain, it was all I wanted to do, and I lived and breathed through it. I simply just lived to gamble.

Chris Spindler, recovering gambling addict

The young man said that during the peak of his addiction, he suffered from severe loneliness. According to him, gambling had become such an integral part of his life that it “ripped him away” from everyone he loved.

At the height of his struggle, Spindler stopped seeing his friends and family and stopped going out. He explained that at that time, he wanted to be all on his own and focus all of his efforts and money on gambling. Since he couldn’t do that while out with other people, he found himself isolated from everyone else.

Spindler Wouldn’t Have Stopped if Not for His Parents

When asked about his turning point, Spindler revealed that he wouldn’t have stopped gambling if not for his parents. When they found out about his addiction and his 25,000-pound debt (roughly $31,600), they pushed him in the direction of stopping.

Spindler admitted that he would have continued to gamble until he died if not for his parents. The shame of his parents discovering his addiction prompted him to fight harder and stop gambling.

Because of his personal experience, Spindler knows how lonely and isolated problem players can feel. The goal of his videos is to show other players struggling with addiction that they are not alone and that it is never too late to stop.

Spindler’s videos help others realize the dangers of excessive gambling. He leverages his lived experience to provide valuable advice to other players who might feel like they are losing control of their habits.

Spindler also launched a website called NoBet where recovering players can find additional help and support.


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