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Homicide Suspect in Indianapolis Uses Victim’s Card to Gamble

The person suspected of the murder of his father allegedly used his bank card to gamble at a casino

A person from Indianapolis, Indiana, suspected of the murder of his father was arrested recently and put into jail on a preliminary murder charge, a newly released report reveals. The person, identified with the initials R.C., 39, of Indianapolis, was arrested after law enforcement found his father shot with two bullets in his home on Oxford Street, a report released by Indianapolis Star reveals. The victim, 62, identified with the initials R.C.Jr., was found with two wounds to the head in his home.

At a preliminary probable cause hearing, the victim’s son was questioned by police. The suspect explained that he previously argued with his father. The two did not get along due to the sexual orientation of the son. Initially, they had a big fight back in the summer but have been slowly reconnecting with each other for the last few weeks, explained the 39-year-old man from Indianapolis.

R.C. claimed that the last time he saw his father alive was around 6 PM on the night before his dead body was found. Speaking to investigators, the 39-year-old revealed that on the same night, he had a fight with his husband and was “upset with his home life.” Because of the argument, R.C. decided to visit a casino and gamble with his father’s bank card.

During the questioning, the 39-year-old man showed casino receipts dating to the morning of the day when his father was found dead. The person claimed that he attempted to reach his father but when he received no answer, decided to visit him. The report reveals that the 39-year-old claimed he arrived at the scene of the crime to uncover his father’s dead body.

The Suspect Reportedly Admits to the Crime

Investigators were able to access the suspect’s phone. Once this happened, his husband called him and discussed the matter with law enforcement. The suspect’s husband was surprised about the news about the shooting of his father-in-law, considering that R.C. previously told him that his father had died earlier in the week after a leg amputation that had undergone complications.

Hearing this, investigators spoke once again to the suspect. He admitted to lying to his husband. Allegedly the suspect then admitted to killing his father with two shots from a gun that belonged to his partner. The report did not disclose at what time the crime occurred and whether the suspect visited the casino before or after the alleged crime. The alleged murderer said that he hid the weapon of the crime near a church on East 34th Street and Keystone Avenue.

Elsewhere in Indiana, one Bally’s Evansville patron was recently arrested for allegedly leaving a child unattended. The 27-year-old, presumably the father of the child, was arrested earlier this week after he reportedly left his child unattended at the casino’s parking garage.


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