February 15, 2022 3 min read


Real Luck Group Readies Up Player Acquisition Push for 2022

Real Luck Group and subsidiary Luckbox will restart affiliate marketing operations as the company prepares to double down on its efforts to bring new customers to its esports and sports betting and casino gaming products. This will come with a targeted approach that is based on data and feedback acquired during the past months of operations. The end of 2021 marked the launch of the casino gaming platform in a bid to diversify the group’s product lineup. 

Real Luck Group Commits to Userbase Growth 

Real Luck Group has already added several key affiliate marketers in a bid to help it increase its player traffic and hopes to realize user base gains across all of its supported verticals. The company’s Luckbox platform started as a fully esports-centric offer, but its success in the vertical quickly made it possible to transition into other realms of the experience.

The company has posted good third-quarter results for its most recent financial year and remains debt-free, which allows it to navigate and expand further. 

Luckbox head of affiliates Mike Bazzi has expressed confidence that the company is in a strong position to renew its player acquisition push through affiliate marketing:

“Working with more of the world’s leading affiliate networks is the next phase of our roadmap to attract quality new users to our betting platform. This is a known, strong-value acquisition channel with which myself and the team have experienced success in the past.”

Luckbox head of affiliates Mike Bazzi

Bazzi confirmed that the company’s efforts would be focused on key markets and regions that it seeks to convert into bastions. The success of any marketing strategy, Bazzi believes, lies in continually analyzing and testing new solutions along with fine-tuning existing practices to best meet strategic goals. 

Creating an Appealing Experience to Consumers 

Bazzi is confident that Luckbox and Real Luck Group will be able to calibrate their next-generation wagering platform to attract more consumers in 2022. This will be effectively the first time the group has made a concentrated effort to increase its player base and will seek to reap all dividends that come along with it.

The company will be scaling its partnership with established affiliate sites, and networks to be able to deliver better results and bring in better ROI. Luckbox reaffirmed its commitment to player aquation at the beginning of the year

Whether this push would be successful would be a true test to Luckbox’s touted business intelligence used in delivering on key growth targets. Time will show with a busy roadmap ahead of the company in 2022. 


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