February 15, 2023 2 min read


Real Dealer Studios Release First Roulette for 2023 with Rachael Bower

The producer of cinematic experiences for the live casino sector has returned with its first roulette title for the year, featuring a prominent actress

Real Dealer Studios has further expanded its lineup of excellent casino games that feature prominent names from Hollywood and the movie industry. After debuting Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, the studio is back with Twin Peaks actress Rachael Bower who is starring in the latest Random Number Generator with exceptional cinematography by the company.

Big of Twin Peaks in Your Roulette Gameplay

The Texas actress is now guiding players in Roulette with Rachael through the many rounds and interacting in pre-recorded but realistic and immersive fashion with players. Real Dealer Studios has been able to develop a brand new way of introducing RNG casino games to players, securing the talent of prominent actors and movie celebrities who have been more than happy to record these segments and bring more joy to the live casino experience.

Real Dealer Studios is unique in what it does and how it creates content. The company relies on acclaimed movie directors and actors to produce the best possible pre-recorded video. The result is cinema-quality videos that strike home with audiences and up the ante for the entire vertical. Real Dealer Studios CPO Shane Cotter has welcomed this new addition and said:

Given the overwhelmingly positive reaction we saw at ICE London last week, both to Rachael’s performance and to the sheer wow-factor that our technology brings, we know we’ve got another hit on our hands.

Real Dealer Studios CPO Shane Cotter

All integrations for Roulette with Rachael are done exclusively through Games Global. The company’s Vinnie Jones roulette was introduced back in September, and more launches will be coming next. In December, the company introduced another game, Turbo Multifire Roulette.


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